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Metrop Root+

Root+ from Metrop is a product formulated from top quality amino acids and vitamins obtained from plant extracts. It highly stimulates root development, reduces stress and enhances the segregation of hormones and enzymes. Now available in Alchimiaweb [...]

  • 250 ml29.19€ 24.80€
  • 1L48.40€ 41.10€
  • 5L156.09€ 138.90€

Canna Terra nutrient Kit

Canna is one of the nutrient brands which invest the most in R & D, what is a guarantee of successful plant development. Canna Terra has long been on the market and thousands of growers have proved its properties, and this is an absolute guarant [...]

  • Starter Kit26.90€ 20.15€
  • Pro (1 liter*)97.00€ 72.75€

Aptus Startbooster

Aptus Startbooster is a concentrated, high quality organic root and growth stimulant for marijuana plants, the components of this product stimulate the roots and ramifications or root threads getting a further plant development in less time.The stem [...]

  • 100 ml23.59€ 17.65€
  • 250 ml38.12€ 28.55€

Mystical Green

Mystical Green by Terra Power is part of the range of products aimed at the protection and stimulation of the root system. It contains humic and fulvic acids, as well as natural bioactive substances. In addition to the physiologically active ingredi [...]

  • 500 ml (Out of stock)14.67€ 11.00€
  • 1L26.55€ 19.90€

La Sirena

La Sirena by Terra Power belongs to the Power Mare line and is a growth and root mass stimulator created using ingredients sourced from the ocean, such as microalgae extracts . La Sirena is a complete product that contains extracts of microalgae and [...]

  • 500 ml23.09€ 17.30€
  • 1L42.00€ 31.50€

Artio's Touch

Terra Power's Artio's Touch is part of the range of root protection products created to provide an increase the vigor of cannabis plants, which contains bacteria that synthesize phytohormones and vitamins . It is an ideal product for all types of cr [...]

  • 500 ml17.91€ 13.40€
  • 1L31.82€ 23.85€

HESI Root Complex

Root Complex from HESI is an elixir for strong root growth and healthier and more vital plants. It Improves the absorption of fertilisers and activates the bacteriological activity of the soil.DOSAGE: 50 ml per 10 litres of water. One liter for 200 [...]

  • 0.50 L20.50€ 15.35€
  • 1 L34.95€ 26.20€
  • 2,5 L73.00€ 54.75€
  • 5 L101.80€ 76.35€

Vitamax Plus

Grotek Vitamax Plus is a formula developed with the aim of improving the root system, promoting growth and encouraging floral development in cannabis plants. It contains macronutrients, micronutrients, added Magnesium and a vitamin complex also formu [...]

  • 1L31.01€ 23.25€

CaMg Athena

Alchimia presents CaMg by Athena, a calcium and magnesium supplement formulated in order to complement the A+B fertilisers, both for Athena Grow A+B and Athena Boom A+B. A nutrient product that increases calcium, magnesium, iron and nitrogen, which a [...]

  • 0.94 L23.00€ 20.70€

PLAGRON Top Grow Box Bio

Plagron presents a 100% organic product kit designed for fertigate a 1m2 marihuana crop , focusing on getting the best taste and smell, prioritizing the final quality of the flowers. Get it now in Alchimiaweb. This kit of Plagron 100% natural produc [...]

  • 64.05€ 57.60€

Fertiliser Kit Plagron Algae

The prestigious Dutch brand of fertilisers Plagron offers a line of fertilisers based on seaweed extract combined with rooting stimulator, enzymes and especially with the explosive bloom stimulator Green Sensation, for that marijuana growers lovers o [...]

  • 119.01€ 95.21€

Guano Diffusion Alguamycor 1 Kg

Alchimia presents Guano Diffusion's root stimulator Alguamycor, a 100% organic product made from a mixture of brown seaweed meal and endomycorrhizal fungi spores. On the one hand, the seaweed supplies polysaccharides and amino acids, ensuring a prop [...]

  • 25.50€ 21.65€

HESI StarterBox - SOIL

HESI StarterBox - SOIL contains all the necessary nutrients and boosters you'll need for a complete crop in soil, together in one convenient pack. HESI are reknowned for high quality ingredients and consistently great results. Years of experience an [...]

  • 62.95€ 53.50€

HESI 5L Soil Kit

Now available in Alchimia Grow Shop, this HESI %L kit of fertilizers for soil contains everything you need for your marijuana plants to offer their full potential, both in growth and during flowering. Hesi 5L Soil Kit features: 1x 5L HESI TNT 1x [...]

  • 269.91€ 202.43€

HESI 5L Hydro Kit

Now you can buy in Alchimiaweb a HESI 5L fertilizers kit for hydroponics, with the entire products set that will get your cannabis crops without soil to produce and develop as you expect them to. Composed of all HESI Hydro set, the kit includes: [...]

  • 282.42€ 211.82€

HESI StarterBox - HYDRO

HESI StarterBox - HYDRO contains all the necessary nutrients and boosters you'll need for a complete crop in hydroponics, together in one convenient pack. HESI are reknowned for high quality ingredients and consistently great results. Years of exper [...]

  • 62.95€ 53.50€

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