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Alchimia presents Terra Power Root Help Kit, a set of fertilisers conceived by Alchimiaweb aimed at improving the plants root system. This is based on specialised Terra Power products for this effect, creating an ideal synergy in the substrate so that the roots can reach their maximum potential.

In addition to this set of products, Alchimia offers other kits, always based on Terra Power products. Terra Power Vitamin & Enzyme Supplements Kit offers all the necessary vitamins for growing. If you are looking for everything you need to grow from the very beginning, we have designed three very complete kits: Terra Power Basic Kit, Terra Power Pro Kit and Terra Power Complet Kit.

Terra Power Root Help Kit, everything starts from below

In the vegetative growth stage, La Calavera Catrina is the fertiliser of choice. This product contains a large amount of micro-life that acts directly on the root mass, enhancing its growth by facilitating the plant's faster nutrient assimilation, and offering an explosive growth. Mystical Green is also suitable for use at any cultivation stage. It is a root booster based on humic and fulvic acids with natural bioactive substances that provides greater root development and increased protection against adverse weather conditions.

Once the vegetative stage is over, you can start using Artio's Touch, a fertiliser with more than 10 billion beneficial bacteria in each 1ml product. Bacteria capable of solubilising inorganic phosphorus and transforming it into an assimilable form. Another fertiliser for the flowering stage is Fire Yields, a root booster that contains 10 bacteria strains and micro fungi that live in symbiosis and form an active system around the roots and in the substrate. This greatly enhances heat tolerance and increases absorption capacity by up to 800%. Also, Goddess Lada, formulated with a large amount of microbial life that settles on the roots and colonises them, making it easier for the plants to absorb nutrients during the important flowering stage.

Terra Power Root Help Kit info:

  • Artio's Touch - Terra Magic 1 L
  • Fire Yields - Terra Protect 1 L
  • Goddess Lada - 500 ml
  • La Calavera Catrina - 1 L
  • Mystical Green - Terra Secret 1 L

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