The advantages of using water to filter the smoke are many. For those who don't know, it cools the smoke, decreasing its temperature and so reducing throat irritation. Not only that, it also filters combustion particles and moisturizes the smoke, providing a more pleasant experience.

By filtering the smoke with water you can reduce risks and prevent health problems. Apart from that, you can enjoy huge puffs of cold smoke with amazing flavor and density.

This cooling/moisturizing effect can be enhanced by putting the pipe into the freezer or if some ice cubes are put inside it before starting the smoking session.


Marley Natural 30cm glass/wood water pipe

Alchimia presents the Water Pipe from Marley Natural, a bong with very neat finishes made of borosilicate glass and wood that's ideal for making the most of your sessions! Now available online in the Alchimiaweb catalogue. Marley Natural Water Pipe [...]

  • 220.00€ 209.00€

Smoked glass water pipe 31cm by Marley Natural

Alchimia presents the smoked glass water pipe from Marley Natural, a 31cm borosilicate glass bong now available in our catalogue of smoking accessories. Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bong This water pipe is hand-blown from thick borosilicate glass an [...]

  • 140.00€ 133.00€

BUKKET Bong - Accordion

Original spring-shaped plastic bong, very useful to liven up your parties. Thanks to its system, when putting the load and firing it up, we can unfold it - like opening an accordion - filling it with smoke. Once it is properlyl filled, inhale its c [...]

  • 25.00€ 23.25€

Bottle pipe

Small pipe made of glass ​​in the form of small bottle, with a design similar to alcoholic beverage, with which we can filter the smoke with water. At the top of the pipe is a rubber seal, crossed by the bowl and the down tube, both made of meta [...]

  • Black Cat5.00€ 3.50€
  • SkyOff5.00€ 3.50€

Blue Heaven bottle watter pipe

Small pipe made ​​of glass shaped like a small bottle of an alcoholic drink, designed to filter the smoke with water. At the top of the bottle we find a rubber gasket, which joints the bowl and tube, both made of metal. On one side we find the [...]

  • 5.00€ 3.50€

Mesh pipes/bongs

Set of fine replacement metal screens for pipes and glass bongs . The pack includes 5 standard size flexible meshes (2cm) in a cardboard envelope. [...]

  • 0.20€ 0.14€

Glass Waterpipe in Bombay bottle design

Curious Waterpipe in Bombay Gin bottle design. Waterpipes are a healthier way to inhale marijuana, or any other product, than smoked, seen that the waterpipe exercises as an impurity filter and what is more it also decreases the temperature of the [...]

  • 5.00€ 3.50€

Waterpipe - Glass bottle - Coke

Nice portable waterpipe, made of glass. This small pipe emulates the well-known bottle of Coke along with the cannabic colours, and will come in handy for users who enjoy smoking weed by filtering the smoke through a small water tank. With a rubber [...]

  • 5.00€ 3.50€

stainless steel grids 18mm

Alchimia presents these small grids for use with your water pipes and bongs. Using this stainless steel grid, the grass placed on it does not fall into the pipe or the bong water. It is presented in 4 units with a diameter of 18mm. [...]

  • 4 units (Out of stock)1.60€ 1.50€

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