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Zupreme - The Plug Seedbank

Alchimia is delighted to present Zupreme, a feminised marijuana strain developed by The Plug Seedbank in collaboration with Terp Hogz Genetics, the well-known seedbank that created the famous Zkittlez variety. This cross between Zkittlez and Zmoothie [...]

  • 6 seeds137.00€ 116.40€
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Sweet Zenzation - Sweet Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is glad to present Sweet Seeds Sweet Zenzation as know as Sweet Zkittlez, a powerful and sugary North American hybrid. This variety is now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue. It is a cross between two high level v [...]

  • 3 seeds + 1 free seed 26.50€ 21.15€
  • 5 seeds + 2 free seed 43.90€ 32.90€
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Zkittalicious - Exotic Seed

Exotic Seeds presents here Zkittalizious, a very productive, tasty and powerful feminised variety designed to delight the most demanding palates. This variety is now available at Alchimiaweb.com Zkittalicious, a hybrid between Zkittlez and Blue Monk [...]

  • 3 seeds22.00€ 17.60€
  • 5 seeds35.00€ 29.70€
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Zkittlez OG Auto - Barneys Farm

Barney's Farm is happy to present Zkittlez OG Auto, an AutoFem variety characterised by a fruity and sweet aromas and a relaxing and positive effect. Now available online in our autoflowering seed collection here at Alchimiaweb. This variety was cre [...]

  • 1 Seed10.00€ 8.00€
  • 3 seeds27.00€ 22.90€
  • 5 seeds42.00€ 35.70€
  • 10 seeds80.00€ 68.00€
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Gorilla Zkittlez - Barneys Farm

Alchimiaweb.com presents Gorilla Zkittlez from Barney's Farm, a new feminised variety combining two champions from the West Coast of the USA. This is a mould-resistant strain with a hybrid structure: robust, well-branched and an average internodal d [...]

  • 1 seed13.00€ 11.05€
  • 3 seeds35.00€ 31.45€
  • 5 seeds55.00€ 46.70€
  • 10 seeds105.00€ 94.45€

Z&Z - Exotic Seed

Exotic Seeds presents here Z&Z, an extremely productive, fast and sweet feminised variety now available at Alchimiaweb.com Z&Z is a 60/40 Indica Sativa hybrid between Zkittlez Z3 #7 and Zkittlez Z3 #5 phenotypes, developed with the intention [...]

  • 3 seeds36.00€ 28.75€
  • 5 seeds60.00€ 48.00€

ZaïZaï - Perfect Tree

Alchimia is glad to present ZaïZaï, regular seeds in limited edition by Perfect Tree Seeds. ZaïZaï, one of Perfect Tree team's favourite strains, a tribute to a good friend This genetics is one of Perfect Tree Seeds team's favou [...]

  • 12 seeds + 5 free Granita seeds120.00€ 102.00€
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Auto Zkittlez - Advanced Seeds

Alchimiaweb is glad to present Auto Zkittlez by Advanced Seeds, an automatic marijuana plant cross between Auto Pineapple x Auto Gorilla Glue. The result is a hybrid strain with a delicious fruity flavour and a powerful psychedelic effect. Auto Zkit [...]

  • 1 Seed7.50€ 6.00€
  • 3 + 1 Seeds15.00€ 12.70€
  • 10 + 3 Seeds49.00€ 41.60€

Gorilla Rainbow - BSF Seeds

Alchimia is delighted to present Gorilla Rainbow by BSF Seeds, a marijuana plant cross between Gorilla Glue #4, the Californian beast and Rainbows, the treasure at the end of the arch. BSF Gorilla Rainbow, a powerful, sweet and productive strain It [...]

  • 2 Seeds20.00€ 17.00€
  • 4 Seeds34.00€ 28.85€
  • 7 Seeds54.00€ 45.85€
  • 12 Seeds78.00€ 66.25€

Pellezino - Terp Hogz Genetics

We present Pellezino by Platinum Seeds-Terp Hogz, a regular cannabis genetics characterised by a sweet and intense orange drink aroma. This variety is now available at Alchimiaweb.com This poly-hybrid is a cross between (Zkittlez x Tangie Power) x ( [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)166.00€ 141.05€

Froot Loops - T.H.Seeds

Alchimia Grow Shop is pleased to present Froot Loops Limited Edition by TH Seeds, a regular cannabis variety with the best of US terpene-rich strains. It is a cross between Zkittlez (Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Indica), Birthday Cake (Bubblegum Kush x [...]

  • 11 seeds (Product sold out)150.00€ 120.00€

Kum Zuat - Aficionado French Connection

Alchimia is pleased to present Kum Zuat by Aficionado French Connection, a marijuana plant within the new feminised seeds line of this renowned US bank with a French connection. This variety is a cross between Sorbet a l'Orange and Sorbetto, resultin [...]

  • 10 Seeds145.00€ 123.20€

Bellini - Aficionado French Connection

Alchimia is pleased to present Bellini by Aficionado French Connection, a feminised marijuana plant cross between (Zkittlez x Vetrus Og) x Sorbetto. This variety is a great example of AFC new feminised seeds line. It brings flavours like those of The [...]

  • 10 Seeds145.00€ 123.20€

Super Melon Bowl - Aficionado French Connection

Aficionado French Connection presents here Super Melon Bowl, one of its last 2020 novelties in the feminised seeds category of new release. Super Melon Bowl is a cross between Sangria (Forbidden Fruit x In The Pine) and Sorbetto (Sunset Sherbet x Zki [...]

  • 10 Seeds145.00€ 123.20€

Hyperion - Aficionado French Connection

Alchimia is happy to present Hyperion by Aficionado French Connection, a feminised marijuana plant cross between (Maddyverox x White caviar) x Sorbetto. This genetics takes the name of the Greek mythology titan son of Uranus and Gaea, "the high-one". [...]

  • 10 Seeds145.00€ 123.20€

Velatello - Aficionado French Connection

Alchimia is glad to present Velatello by Aficionado French Connection, a new addition to this bank in the form of a new 2020 feminised seed. This is a strain with a powerful effect and a high performance bouquet with sweet and fruity flavours and aro [...]

  • 10 Seeds145.00€ 123.20€

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