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To creat Ztrawberry, the breeders at Green House Seeds have worked with their original AMS, crossing it with a special phenotype of Runtz they have carefully selected by their team. The result has been a variety offering large and compact flowers with outstanding resin production, as well as being really easy to cutivate with great results. Now available online at Alchimiaweb in our feminised seeds catalogue.

Ztrawberry Strain by Green House: AMS x Runtz

On the one hand we have AMS, a classic variety by Green House that stands out for its enormous resistance to fungi (hence its name, Anti Mold Strain). It is a cross between two Swiss varieties, an indica and a sativa, which also produce good resistance to cold conditions. The flavour is fruity, with hints of lemon and the effect is euphoric but lucid, offering a really pleasant high.

What can be said about Runtz that hasn't already been said? This Gelato x Zkittlez hybrid amazed the entire industry the moment it was released. It has large and compact flowers full of white resin of a quality that is difficult to match. As if that were not enough, it is an easy-to-grow plant, with plenty of vigour and a branchy structure that's perfect for applying all kinds of cultivation techniques such as SCROG, SOG or topping.

Green House Seeds Ztrawberry, large compact flowers bathed in resin

The result of crossing AMS with Runtz is an indica-leaning hybrid variety. It has inhereted good resistance to fungi and cold from its parents, as well as great vegetative vigour in growth. The flowers, dark green with hints of purple, are large and compact, with truy impressive resin production.

Growing Ztrawberry indoors can be very satisfying. Its great vigour and resistance, together with a medium internodal distance, make it a very malleable plant suitable for all kinds of pruning techniques, from FIM to low stress traning. Due to these characteristics, cultivation methods such as SOG or SCROG will be very effective. The yields are high, and plants will be ready to harvest just 8-9 weeks from its change to flowering photoperiod.

Outdoors, it is an excellent option due to its chararcteristic resistance to adverse growing conditions, both in relation to the cold and in particular to fungal pathogens. It also boasts lots of hybrid vigour, with its branches separated enough so that sunlight reaches all parts of the plant. Its height, between 150 - 250cm, is enough to get good specimens without having to use stairs to reach the top. The result of growing Ztrawberry directly in the ground can be up to 1200g per plant and will be ready at the end of September.

Ztrawberry Cannabis Strain: fruity and sweet flavours with a balanced effect

As for the flavour of this new variety, we can confirm that it owes much to Runtz, offering a fruity and sweet flavour (hence the name Ztrawberry) that is combined with fresh nuances, including lemon, from AMS.

The effect, like the plant, is typically hybrid and gives the best of its two parents. It offers a balanced sensation, blending a cerebral sativa high with the bodily relaxation characteristic of indica varieties.

Ztrawberry from Green House Seeds info:

  • Genetics: AMS x Runtz
  • Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genotype: hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 56-63 days
  • Outdoor harvest: end of September
  • THC: high
  • Indoor yield: medium/high
  • Outdoor yield: high

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