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GUANOKALONG Bat guano powder - 5 Kg

Guanokalong is a 100% natural and odourless fertiliser, it contains guano from bats and seabirds. Guanokalong provides a complete presence of nutr [...]

  • 51.42€ 35.95€

pH Perfect Micro

pH Perfect Micro by Advanced Nutrients is a 3-part Grow, Micro, Bloom fertiliser component, which is the only nutrient product in this format crea [...]

  • 1L 15.49€ 13.90€

Metrop MR-2

MR2 is a 10-20-40 NPK flowering fertilizer with a concentration designed for an explosive flowering of the plants. The 40% potass [...]

  • 250ml 29.95€ 25.46€


SUPERthrive, the world-renowned additive, is the ultimate vitamin solution and general growth promoter that every cannabis grower needs. SUPERthrive is fam [...]

  • 120 ml (Out of stock) 20.00€ 18.00€

Guanokalong BatBoost K2 Liquid 1L

Guanokalong presents BatBoost K2, a 100% organic liquid fertilizer ideal to get the most out of your crops and improve the flavor of the buds, either for outdoor o [...]

  • 21.78€ 15.20€

Zeolite (Chabazite)

Terralba's Zeolite is a powder made from volcanic rocks which is used to fertilize the soil for a long time. The name comes from the greek "zeo" and "lithos", which mean "boiling r [...]

  • 1 Kg 12.90€ 10.95€

Guanokalong Lava + Worm Humus 5 Kg

Alchimia presents here Guanokalong's Lava + Worm Humus, a solid fertilizer rich in nutrients and oligoelements for cannabis plants. It is made of volcanic rocks from Java i [...]

  • 26.62€ 19.95€

Fertiliser Kit Guanokalong

Guanokalong is a trademark of fertilisers specializing in fertilisers from bat guano both in liquid as in powdered or granulated format.In this fertiliser kit w [...]

  • 57.06€ 39.90€

Top Crop PK 13-14

Phosphorus and potassium are two key elements for the plant flowering. These elements contribute to the flower development and weight increase, thus improving [...]

  • 1L 14.00€ 10.50€

Lurpe Healthy Harvest

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present Lurpe Healthy Harvest, a mixture of plant ingredients and micro-organisms formulated to prepare compost tea [...]

  • 1L (Out of stock) 37.40€ 29.90€

Canna Coco A+B

CANNA COCO A & B is a complete mineral nutrient system specifically developed for cultivating cannabis in coco substrate and created for profe [...]

  • 1 L 16.36€ 13.05€

Canna Terra nutrient Kit

Canna is one of the nutrient brands which invest the most in R & D, what is a guarantee of successful plant development. Canna Terra h [...]

  • Pro (1 liter*) 107.90€ 86.30€

Additive Feeding Booster PK+

Additive Feeding Booster PK+ is a PK booster formulated by Powder Feeding to provide an explosive bloom of cannabis plants. This 0-30-27 NPK [...]

  • 500gr (Out of stock) 39.95€ 29.95€

Guanodiff Classic's Powder

Guanodiff Classic's Powder is a bat guano fertiliser developed by Guano Diffusion and specially adapted to provide all the nutrients needed for the growth [...]

  • 1 Kg 9.90€

B.A.C Organic Bloom

BAC Organic Bloom has been specially developed to supply all the nutritional needs of your cannabis plants during the flowering stage. BAC Organic Bloom us [...]

  • 1 L 16.76€ 14.20€

pH Perfect Bloom

pH Perfect Bloom by Advanced Nutrients is the only three-part fertiliser that contains the new pH Perfect® technology which always maintains t [...]

  • 1L 12.80€ 11.50€

Eco Bio Nutrient Kit

The Eco-Bio Nutrient Kit is a set of fertilizers that we have created based on the experience of our customers and our test crops. It is a combinat [...]

  • (Out of stock) 82.27€ 61.70€

HESI Hydro Bloom

Hydro Bloom from HESI is enriched with vital substances that act on flowering. Hesi Bloom Complex fertilisers contain substances that increase the [...]

  • 1 L 11.30€ 8.45€

PH Perfect Sensi Bloom COCO A+B

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Coco A + B are quality fertilisers created specifically for cultivation in coco fibre, created by applying the pH P [...]

  • 1L 30.50€ 27.45€

Aptus Break-Out Powder

Aptus Breack-Out Powder is now available in Alchimiaweb, a concentrated bloom enhancer rich in phosphorous and potassium. It also contains [...]

  • 100 gr 7.26€ 5.40€

True Iguana Juice Organic Bloom

Alchimia presents Bloom, a special version of the successful True Organics Iguana Juice by Advanced Nutrients, undoubtedly one of the best organic base fertilisers [...]

  • 1L 42.35€ 38.10€

Delta 10 by Cannabiogen

Delta 10 is a new product formulated by Cannabiogen to promote spectacular development of flowers in our cannabis plants. Formulated to be a natural metabo [...]

  • 500ml 26.50€ 19.85€

Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Hydrolyzed Kelp, a water-soluble kelp meal designed to be administered in irrigation or by foliar [...]

  • 200g 21.50€ 17.20€

Metrop 250 ml Starter Set

Metrop is a manufacturer of highly concentrated liquid fertilizers, bio-based and biodegradable to get lush crops [...]

  • 120.70€ 107.40€

Tribac Organic by B.A.C.

Alchimia presents the Tribac Kit by the famous and reputable fertiliser company BAC. This set contains three products, Grow, Bloom and PK, everything you need for [...]

  • (Out of stock) 32.98€

Big Bud Coco

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Big Bud Coco by Advanced Nutrients, an effective stimulator specially formulated for growing in [...]

  • 1L 47.92€ 43.10€

Top Crop Soil A

Alchimiaweb presents Top Crop Soil A, one of the components of a two-part base fertiliser for use in soil cultivation. It is a product developed by Top Crop, the p [...]

  • 1L 6.50€ 5.50€

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Expert Grower Kit

The pH Perfect Expert Grower nutrient kit is designed for growers who want to take their cultivation to the next level, and includes various products to give plants better growth a [...]

  • 321.57€ 289.40€

HESI Coco - Growth and Flowering

COCO Growth and Glowering from HESI is enriched with vital substances of vegetable action for the growth and flowering of plants grown on coco substrate. It contai [...]

  • 1 L 13.15€ 9.85€

Top Crop Soil B

Alchimiaweb presents Top Crop Soil B, the second component of Top Crop soil-based fertilisers. It is a highly concentrated liquid fertiliser with [...]

  • 1L 6.50€ 4.85€

Fertiliser Kit Plagron Algae

The prestigious Dutch brand of fertilisers Plagron offers a line of fertilisers based on seaweed extract combined with rooting stimulator, enzymes and especially with the explosive [...]

  • 132.35€ 112.45€

HESI PK 13/14 Hydro & Coco

Phosphorus and Potassium for plants in the flowering period grown on hydroponic systems and coco.During the flowering of the plant, the need for phosphorus and potassium increases. Thes [...]

  • 1 L 14.20€ 10.65€
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