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Bud Ignitor

Bud Ignitor from Advanced Nutrients is a powerful and effective bloom stimulator with which you will ensure that plants offer their full potential as they enter th [...]

  • 250ml 28.90€ 26.00€

Top Auto

Top Auto by Top Crop is a fertiliser specially formulated to provide auto-flowering cannabis plants with all the nutritional requirements from day [...]

  • 250 ml 7.00€ 5.25€

Top Bloom

Top Bloom by Top Crop is a complete base fertiliser in liquid format. It is formulated for use during the flowering stage, offering voluminous harvests with large, [...]

  • 1L 13.00€ 9.75€

pH Perfect Connoisseur Bloom A+B

pH Perfect® Connoisseur® Bloom A + B by Advanced Nutrients are fertilizers designed for professional quality crops which produce high quality harve [...]

  • 1L 39.68€ 35.70€

FinalPart by T.A. (formerly GHE's Ripen®)

Fertilizer for the end of flowering: NPK: 0-6-5. FinalPart from T.A. is a special product of the Terra Aquatica company. It isn't an additive or s [...]

  • 1 L 10.00€ 9.50€

GUANOKALONG Bat guano Powder

Guanokalong is a 100% natural and odourless fertiliser, it contains guano from bats and seabirds. Guanokalong provides a complete presence of nutr [...]

  • 1 Kg 16.34€ 11.40€

Top Vulcan

Top Vulcan by Top Crop is a mineral fertiliser made from ground volcanic rock originating from the island of Java. It is rich in [...]

  • 700 gr 7.90€ 5.90€

Top Bud

Top Bud by Top Crop is a product designed to improve plant production throughout the flowering stage with no loss of aroma or flavour. This product is a fl [...]

  • 100 ml 18.00€ 13.50€

GUANOKALONG Granular Guano

These high quality Bat Guano granules are a 100% natural fertilizer that provides all the Macro and Micro elements necessary for good root structure, flowering and maturing, thus obtaining [...]

  • 1 Kg 16.34€ 12.25€

Terra Aquatica Tripart Kit: Grow, Micro & Bloom

In this kit you can find the three basic fertilisers from the TriPart range, a system designed by Cal Herrman, formerly a chemist at NASA and the University of Berkeley in Californ [...]

  • 1L 33.60€ 31.90€

Bio Technology Starter Pack Auto

Bio Technology present this convenient Starter Pack Auto, containing all the nutrients and additives you'll need to grow vigorous and healthy [...]

  • 19.90€

Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 1L

Now available in Alchimiaweb, Biotabs Bio PK 5-8 is a 100% organic alternative to PK 13- [...]

  • 50.00€ 40.00€

Rhino Skin

The secret to the success of many growers in achieving heavy colas with large buds is to start from a healthy and strong plant, which is precisely what Rhino Skin by Advanc [...]

  • 250ml 10.10€ 9.05€

Biotabs Silicium Flash

Silicium Flash from BioTabs is a 100% organic fertiliser formulated for use with fast-growing plants and composed of rapid-absorption sili [...]

  • 1.25kg 29.00€ 23.20€

Aptus All in One Pellet

Aptus All in One Pellet is a 100% natural, slow-release fertilizer ideal for indoor and outdoor crops making that the crops are easy to manage, needing only water for irrigation... [...]

  • 1Kg 44.47€ 37.75€

Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Powder Feeding Mineral Starter Kit, a set that includes all the necessary elements for a complete cultivation in a 1m2 area. P [...]

  • 49.95€ 34.95€


SuperMix from Plagron is a mixture of organic fertilisers designed to enrich all types of soil in an efficient and durable way.It promotes an e [...]

  • 5L 36.80€ 31.25€

Guerilla Box Biotabs

Alchimia presents here the Guerrilla Box from Biotabs , a 100% organic fertilizer kit for outdoor marijuana crops that allows you to grow [...]

  • 30.00€ 24.00€


Overdrive by Advanced Nutrients is a nutritional supplement for the final phase of the flowering stage, specially formulated to bring out the full potential of pla [...]

  • 250ml 13.55€ 12.15€

Big One

Big One by Top Crop is a flowering stimulator which can greatly increase the final yield. It can be expected to produce up to 40% more flo [...]

  • 250 ml 17.00€ 11.90€

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A+B

pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A + B by Advanced Nutrients are high-quality base fertilisers that will provide your plants with all the nutritional elements they need for [...]

  • 1L 30.50€ 27.45€

Guanokalong Bloom liquid

Guanokalong Bloom is a 100% natural fertiliser for bloom from IndonesiaThis fertiliser especially for marijuana is made of seabird and bats dun [...]

  • 1 L 19.96€ 13.95€

Volcanic Basalt

Terralba's volcanic basalt is a powder from volcanic rocks used to restore and revitalize poor soils. Already available in Alchimiaweb, basalt powder is rich in Silicon [...]

  • 2 Kg (Out of stock) 8.90€

Pack of solid organic nutrients by Terralba

This kit of solid organic nutrients by Terralba has been designed to be mixed with 50L soil, enough for a few cannabis plants or to improve the soil of your orchar [...]

  • 50l - 5m3 49.90€ 44.90€


Orgatrex from Biotabs is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer that can be used during both the growing and during the flowering cycles of marijuana plants. Con [...]

  • 1L 19.51€ 15.60€

Lurpe Tasty Flowers Top Dress

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Lurpe Tasty Flowers Top Dress, a set of natural powdered ingredients designed to provide your plants with everything they need for [...]

  • 1kg 40.00€ 32.00€

Plagron Top Grow Box Terra

The Top Grow Box Terra kit by Plagron is now available in Alchimiaweb to offer all growers a complete set of nutrients for growing cannabis in s [...]

  • 58.55€ 46.80€

TRABE Nutrihemp

NUTRIHEMP is a slow-release organic fertilizer. It is composed of natural solid alginates mixed with a fertilizer rich in nitr [...]

  • 200 gr 13.12€ 9.80€

HESI StarterBox - HYDRO

HESI StarterBox - HYDRO contains all the necessary nutrients and boosters you'll need for a complete crop in [...]

  • 62.95€ 53.50€

B.A.C Fast Food 1.5 L

BAC 1.5 L Fast Food is a fertiliser specifically designed and developed for use with auto-flowering marijuana plants, based on a single fertiliser for the two stag [...]

  • 42.04€ 35.70€
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