Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 600w HPS Controllable

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Lighting kit HPS incorporates a Lumatek HPS 600 w lamp with wide spectrum light, ideal for growing in an area of 1.20m2 and ideal for those who do not want to complicate their lives, because thanks to its wide spectrum, it can be used not only in flowering, but also during the growth stage without having to change the bulb.

The kit also includes a Lumatek 600w electronic ballast, which will ensure a constant current, and that the bulb startup only takes 1 minute and is much less traumatic, maximizing its life.

With the incorporated potentiometer, we can adjust the power input of the light, ranging from 400W 400WSL 600W 600WSL, so we can save energy when the plant is very small, or switch put it to full power, using the Super Lumen Mode which offers up to 10% more lumens, resulting in a greater harvest.

In addition, this ballast can be controlled, along with up to 399 other devices connected in series, thanks to its TRS Link port. That port allows you it to be connected to the Lumatek Panel Plus 2.0 Digital Lighting Controller which is the "brain" of an automated grow room (Sold separately and not included in this Kit).

As you can see, this kit has great features, making it perfect for those who do not want to take chances, and want to work with the most reliable equipment in their indoor garden.

The included reflector is a smooth finish Tekken Pro E40 Miro SE Reflector manufactured by the Lumatek brand from MIRO® Aluminum with a reflective index of up to 95%, making it the ideal companion for the bulb and the ballast.

Lighting kit Lumatek Standar 600w HPS includes the following components:

  • HPS Bulb Lumatek 600W
  • Lumatek 600w electronic ballast with potentiometer
  • Lumatek Miro Reflector
  • Alchimia Lighthangers 5 kg (x2)

The regular price of all the items of this kit would be 319,87 €, but its price together in this kit is 275.


Non-contractual picture.
Some components may differ from the picture depending on the stock offered by the manufacturer at any given time.
The component may vary and will always be replaced by one of equal or superior characteristics.

Properties of Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 600w HPS Controllable

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Opinions about Lighting kit Lumatek Electronic 600w HPS Controllable and questions


Ryan Is an Alchimia client 26-12-2014
Hi there Does this kit come with the plug and play cable? Also can you suggest a bar to hold the light and reflector to my Alchimia 140 tent? Many Thanks

Alchimia Staff

Alchimia Grow Shop 05-01-2015

Hi Ryan,

First of all, sorry for answering so late.

Of course, the kit comes with the cable. Also, all tents have cross bars so you can firmly hang your lamps, extractors, etc. You can use Easy Rollers or Pro Grip Pulleys to hang your lighting system.

Thanks for your confidence,

Best vibes!

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