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Orange Hill Special - Regular - Dutch Passion

Orange Hill Special Mariuana is a hybrid of Orange Bud and California Orange, a good producer, rapid flowering with an orange scent on a base of Skunk and a THC of 21% The Orange Hill Special from Dutch Passion is a strain of marijuana that has been [...]

  • 10 seeds59.95€

White Widow Dutch Passion - Dutch Passion

White Widow has been the most acclaimed variety in Holland over the last few years. Its plants are white and full of THC glands, even on the larger leaves. A very smooth smoke with an intense and lasting effect. THC = 18.9% Characteristics of Whit [...]

  • 10 seeds69.95€

Purple #1 - Regular - Dutch Passion

The regular seeds of the Purple #1 are now available in Alchimiaweb, an indica marihuana classic which has its origins in a pure Afghani indica that acquires beautiful purple tones, crossed then with several quality strains - both indicas and sativas [...]

  • 10 seeds44.95€

Orange Bud - Dutch Passion

Alchimiaweb and Dutch Passion present a true classic of the cannabis scene, the Orange Bud in regular seed form. Orange Bud comes from a vast selection of Skunk strains performed during the 80's, after which the most desirable plants were kept and i [...]

  • 10 seeds (Product sold out)54.95€

White Widow x The Ultimate - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion has crossed its original and legendary strain of marijuana White Widow with a more recent genetics from its seedbank, which appeared stomping, as it is a powerful and highly productive strain. From this union arrives White Widow x The U [...]

  • 10 seeds64.95€

Blueberry - Dutch Passion

BLUEBERRY from Dutch Passion Seeds is a variety of mostly Indica which was bred in the late 70s.A dense and sturdy plant with red, purple and blue shades, that ripen to lavender.The end product has a fruity aroma of blueberries.Its effect is a long-l [...]

  • 10 seeds69.95€

Durban Poison - Dutch Passion

Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Inbred but never hybridised. Long and very resinous leaves and buds. Durban Poison from Dutch Passion Seeds has a sweet taste of liquorice and aniseed. The high is similar to the Thai varieties. Su [...]

  • 10 seeds44.95€

Hollands Hope - Dutch Passion

One of the first Dutch outdoor strains, grown in Holland since the early 80s. Grows well in humid climates and is a variety highly resistant to mildew. An Indica variety and a heavy stone. Characteristics of Hollands Hope from Dutch Passion: Ty [...]

  • 10 seeds29.95€

Euforia - Dutch Passion

2nd prize at 2000 High Times Cup1st prize at 2002 Highlife CupIndoor Growing - Flowers in 40-50 days.EUFORIA was developed by Dutch Passion Seeds breeders in 1996.It's an elegant selection of Skunks, with a high THC percentage. A highly commercial st [...]

  • 10 seeds49.95€

Mazar - Dutch Passion

MAZAR: 2nd prize 1999 High Times Cup - 2nd prize 2002 Highlife Cup. It is an improved variety of the Afghan/Skunk by Dutch Passion in 1997. The taste is softer than before and an improvement in its performance has been achieved. The Afghani (Maza [...]

  • 10 seeds69.95€

Passion 1 - Reg - Dutch Passion

Alchimiaweb presents the regular version of Passion #1 from Dutch Passion. This strain is a true classic, especially for outdoor farmers. It was developed during the 70's in California for outdoor cultivation and also for greenhouses. It performs w [...]

  • 10 seeds44.95€ 31.45€

Power Plant - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion Seeds developed POWERPLANT (mostly Sativa) in 1997 from new South African genetics. This strain has only been inbred and never hybridised. It is very rich in THC and has great growing potential. Plants do really well both indoors and [...]

  • 10 seeds59.95€

Shaman - regular seeds - Dutch Passion

SHAMAN is an improved variety of the former Purple/Skunk from Dutch Passion Seeds. It is a hybrid (F1) of Purple #1 and an early Skunk, for outdoor growing. About 50% of SHAMAN buds turn purple during flowering. The variety is 87.5% Sativa and 12. [...]

  • 10 seeds29.95€

Skunk #1 Dutch Passion - Dutch Passion

Skunk #1 is a legendary marijuana strain that has revolutionisedcannabis cultivation thanks to its extraordinary main traits, never seen before in Europe before its arrival in the old continent in the 80's. Dutch Passion offers here its regular Skunk [...]

  • 10 seeds29.95€

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