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Terralba's 100L Pack contains solid organic nutrients and is created to be mixed with 100L soil, enough for some marijuana plants or to improve the substrate of your orchard.

This pack includes different organic soil improvers so your plants have all the necessary elements for a lush and healthy growth. By using Terralba's packs we don't have to use liquid nutrients anymore.

The worm humus and the bat and mealworm guano provide slow release organic nutrients. Zeolite and basalt have quality minerals of volcanic origin.

There are two types of bat guano included in the pack: one for the growth stage and one for the bloom phase. You can mix both types mixed in the substrate if necessary.

Now available in Alchimiaweb, Terralba's nutrient packs are perfect to improve the quality of your soil.

Terralba's 100L Pack contains:

  • 5Kg worm compost (NPK 2,3/1,5/2,4)
  • 2Kg volcanic basalt
  • 1kg zeolite
  • 1kg bat guano, growth (NPK : 12-4,4-1,9 + 0,8% MgO)
  • 1kg bat guano, bloom (NPK : 5-11-2 + 1,25% MgO)
  • 500g mealworm guano (N/P/K : 22/35/24 + 10% MgO)
  • 250gr Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate)
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