Rocalba Campion

Rocalba Campion
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Campion Seeds, an aromatic edible and medicinal plant. It produces white flowers. It is a plant suitable for cultivation in pots and open ground.

Rocalba campion seeds, vigorous and easy to cultivate

Campion or Maidenstears (Silene vulgaris) is an annual herbaceous plant of the Caryophyllaceae family. It is typical of Europe, North Africa, and Central and Western Asia, being an invasive species in North America. It grows more abundantly in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

Commonly it forms large colonies along roadsides or ditches, growing wild on uncultivated land. It is a vigorous plant with little demand for nutrients, which flourishes abundantly reaching a height of up to 60cm even in soils poor in plant matter or worm humus.

The seeds germinate in spring, in a seedbed or in direct sowing respecting a planting frame of about 25cm x 15cm. The seeds are placed in groups of 3-5, covered with 0.3-0.5cm of uncompacted soil. Placed in a sunny area with a temperature between 15-30ºC, the first sprouts emerge after about 15-20 days.

Rocalba campion seeds, aromatic, medicinal and edible

The plant develops and expands thanks to an underground stolon system that can produce new plants at high speed. During late spring and summer it produces many really beautiful and decorative white 5-petalled flowers.

It is not very demanding with watering, as it adapts to hostile regions simply by rainwatering. An automatic irrigation system and a well-drained substrate can maximise its vigour.

It produces very nutritious pointed and fleshy leaves. It offers properties similar to those of spinach or chard. They are collected when tender and young, making them ideal in omelettes, stews, soups or even salads. On a therapeutic level, they help to calm the digestive system and purify the blood.

Rocalba Campion Seeds info:

  • 0.5g seeds sachet
  • Very simple to cultivate medicinal and nutritious plant
  • Up to 60cm high
  • 25cm x 15cm planting frame
  • Germination: Spring
  • Can be harvested until autumn, by cutting the young leaves
  • Ideal for eating fresh or cooked
  • It is undemanding in terms of watering and nutrients
  • Perfect for gardening or potting

Properties of Rocalba Campion

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