Jamaican Pearl Fem by Sensi Seeds - Sensi Seeds

Add a touch of the Caribbean to your garden with Sensi Seeds' sensational Jamaican Pearl, now available in feminised seeds on Alchimiaweb. The result of crossing Early Pearl clon, a very reliable outdoor sativa, with a mixture of Caribbean genetics, [...]

  • 3 seeds27.50€ 23.35€
  • 5 seeds45.00€ 38.25€
  • 10 seeds80.00€ 68.00€

Eli by R-Kiem Seeds - R-Kiem Seeds

Now available as feminised seeds at Alchimiaweb online grow shop, Eli by R-Kiem Seeds is an exciting new hybrid crossing a Ghana landrace with an elite clone of Brothers Grimm's Rosetta Stone. By combining this interesting landrace variety from Sawl [...]

  • 3 seeds16.50€ 14.85€
  • 5 seeds23.00€ 20.70€

Cum Laude - Positronics Seeds

Cum Laude is a cannabis strain with which the Positronics seed bank wanted to pay tribute to Professor Antonio Escohotado for his activism and for having devoted much of his life to the regularisation and normalisation of cannabis. Cum Laude is a cr [...]

  • 1 seed9.00€ 8.10€
  • 3 seeds24.00€ 21.60€
  • 5 seeds35.00€ 31.50€

Super Malawi Haze - Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds proudly presents Super Malawi Haze, a hybrid with a very dominant Sativa character, giving abundant harvests of premium flowers with a potent high. Available now in the AlchimiaWeb regular seed collection. Super Malawi Haze, a tropical sup [...]

  • 5 seeds35.00€ 31.50€
UP TO 15%

Auto Power Plant - Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion presents here Auto Power Plant, the AutoFem version of its famous Power Plant which is a classic in Dutch coffee shops since the late 90s. It's certainly a variety that will delight those nostalgic for the Old School cannabis era. This [...]

  • 3 seeds24.95€ 22.45€
  • 7 seeds49.95€ 42.45€

Pineapple Banana Bud - Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds presents here Pineapple Banana Bud, a 100% Sativa hybrid with a fruity and exotic taste and a generous harvest. It is easy and fast to cultivate even for a pure Sativa line. It is now available in our regular seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. [...]

  • 10 seeds (Out of stock)50.00€ 45.00€

Mangu Karot - French Touch Seeds

French Touch Seeds present here their Mangu Karot, a famous landrace strain from La Reunion (Zamal) which is now available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of regular seeds. This 100% Sativa strain grows vigorous and slender, and needs around 100-130 days [...]

  • 11 seeds (Out of stock)40.00€
UP TO 30%

Amnesia Haze - Royal Queen Seeds

When the Haze genetics finally came to Holland for the first time, experimentation made born several good hybrids. An American mixed one of these hybrid with an old school Haze male germinated seed, to create the Amnesia Haze.This Amnesia Haze grows [...]

  • 3 seeds27.00€ 22.95€
  • 5 seeds40.00€ 34.00€
  • 10 seeds75.00€ 63.75€
  • 25 seeds180.00€ 126.00€

Freakshow - Humboldt Seeds Company

Humboldt Seed Company presents here Freakshow, a unique variety. It is characterised by morphology completely different from the traditional cannabis plants, with special foliage, ideal for guerrilla cultivation or simply for curious cannabis growers [...]

  • 10 seeds100.00€ 95.00€

Zenith - Ace Seeds

ACE Seeds presents here its feminised Zenith, a super Sativa variety fruit of a long work dedicated to Landrace Sativa varieties. It is the perfect Sativa plant, super productive, powerful, fast and with an uplifting effect worthy of the best Sativa. [...]

  • 5 seeds80.00€

Ramses - Pyramid Seeds

Ramses is a Haze hybrid developed by Pyramid Seeds to create a vigorous Sativa line with a citric aroma and long-lasting cerebral effect. Now available in AlchimiaWeb's collection of feminised cannabis seeds! This variety comes from a cross between [...]

  • 1 seed8.00€
  • 5 seeds35.00€

One Love Haze - Positronics Seeds

One Love Haze by Positronics is already available in Alchimiaweb, a cross between two Haze plants with extraordinary THC content and unique uplifting effect. To develop One Love Haze Positronics have used their Haze#1 and Haze#9, both selected among [...]

  • 6 seeds (Out of stock)42.00€ 37.80€

Reina Madre X Jack the Ripper - Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds presents here Reina Madre and Jack The Ripper, a special edition cannabis strain that combines two of the most appreciated Sativa genetics by its breeders. Now available in our feminised cannabis seeds catalogue at AlchimiaWeb. Rei [...]

  • 5 seeds43.00€ 30.10€

Colombian Gold - World of Seeds

World of Seeds and Alchimia present here the Colombian Gold strain, a genetics obtained from the landraces of Santa Marta, Colombia, where we find the highest mountains of the country. It blooms in 70-90 days and can yield up to 600 g/plant. These m [...]

  • 3 seeds19.50€ 17.55€
  • 7 seeds45.00€ 40.50€
UP TO 25%

Desfrán - Dutch Passion

Alchimia and Dutch Passion offer you Desfrán, a legendary genetics from South America, 9 times winner of various cannabis cups. It comes from crossing two Destroyer marijuana plants. It is harvested after 9-10 weeks of flowering, yielding abundant [...]

  • 3 seeds29.95€ 26.95€
  • 5 seeds44.95€ 40.45€
  • 10 seeds74.95€ 56.20€

Malawi x Panama - Ace Seeds

Alchimia presents Malawi x Panama from ACE Seeds, a 100% Sativa F1 cannabis hybrid created using two of the best landrace Sativa lines from this reputed seed bank. Available in our regular seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb. Malawi x Panama, 100% Sativa [...]

  • 5 seeds35.00€ 31.50€

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