Torus Hydro Perfect PH Refill Solution 500ml

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  • Protect the planet presents PerfectPH Torus Hydro 500ml Refill Solution, ideal for recalibrating the PerfectPH Inline Edition regulator and other pH regulators from this manufacturer.

PerfectPH 500ml Refill Solution, restore your Torus Hydro pH regulator

The formula is designed to restore the ph Torus Hydro filter integrity in all its models (Classic or Inline). A process that releases the H+ / OH- ion build-up that the system captures from the nutrient solution by balancing the pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

It should be applied every 2-3 months of continued filter use, in order to guarantee optimum operation with no fluctuations.

For use, the PerfectPH Inline Edition filter is disconnected from our indoor marijuana grow tent's automatic irrigation system. A cap is placed at one end of the pipe, the filter is filled with the product, and the other pipe end is sealed with another cap.

PerfectPH 500ml Refill Solution, effective and easy to use

It is left to work for two hours, so the product acts effectively. Then the caps are removed and the liquid is drained from the interior and discarded. The interior is rinsed with water before reinstallation.

Each 500ml bottle allows the Inline 133L system to be recalibrated twice. This ensures proper operation for 6-9 months of continuous use.

If you have a classic filter, the procedure is similar: place the filter in its case, fill it with the liquid and seal the lid. After about 2 hours rinse it and place it back in the water tank.

Torus Hydro Perfect PH Refill Solution 500ml info:

  • Calibration liquid for Torus Hydro, inline or classic filters
  • Removes H+ / OH- ions from the system to further regulate the pH
  • A 500ml bottle provides two refills for the PerfectPH Inline Edition 133L
  • Use: fill the filter with the liquid, rest for 2 hours, empty and rinse with water

Properties of Torus Hydro Perfect PH Refill Solution 500ml

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