Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition regulator

Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition regulator
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents PerfectpH Inline Edition Regulator by Torus Hydro, a revolutionary and innovative system for pH stabilisation of the nutrient solution tank or running water.

This system maintains a stable pH automatically, fluctuating between 5.7 and 6.5, and without the need to calibrate the solution with a pH reducer.

This technique has been designed by NASA in collaboration with Purdue University in the US. A technology based on the attraction of negative ions which increase the pH.

Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition Regulator, automatic pH control

This system is compatible with deposits of different sizes, with a 2-3 month effect period. Afterwards it has to be recharged using the PerfectpH Recharge Solution.

It can be used on smaller tanks with a longer lasting effect, while regulating the pH values of our interest.

The PerfectpH is connected to the water pump via the inlet pipe. The outlet pipe is connected to the automatic irrigation system (method 1), or it is left open by immersing the device in the water tank or S/N (method 2).

Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition, compatible with all hydroponic systems

Using the first method, the filter regulates the pH automatically when the pump is activated, running the solution through the filter before it is directed to the automatic irrigation system.

In the second method, the pump circulates the water or the tank solution inside the filter stabilising the pH. The nutrient solution is then pumped out using another separate pump connected to the automatic irrigation system.

It can also be used in a DWC hydroponic recirculation system or dripping system, by placing the device in the tank and connecting it to the pipe that brings up the fertiliser solution.

Torus Hydro PerfectpH Inline Edition Regulator info:

  • Revolutionary pH control system
  • No need to use PH- or PH+ correctors
  • Maintains pH fluctuating between 5.7 and 6.5
  • Active within a few hours once introduced into the S/N tank
  • Compatible with all automatic irrigation systems with and without tank
  • Must be used connected to a pump to push the liquid through the filter
  • Longer effect time in smaller volume tanks
  • Faced with a drop in efficiency, recharge with the PerfectpH Recharge Solution
  • Before the first use it needs to be calibrated: connect the device to the pump, place it in the water tank, and circulate the water inside for 24-48h until the pH is 3-4. Repeat the process after each liquid recharge
  • Service life: 18 months of active use

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