Rocalba White Mustard

Rocalba White Mustard
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba White Mustard Seeds, a plant with an intense aroma that can be cultivated in open ground and in pots.

Rocalba White Mustard, aromatic plant very easy to cultivate

White mustard (Sinapis alba) is an annual plant belonging to the Cruciferae family. It is believed to be native to the Mediterranean area, yet it is currently cultivated around the world for seed use and commercialisation as a seasoning.

This plant develops a structure with very abundant upright stems reaching a height of about 50-80cm. It produces lilac, 3-lobed leaves measuring up to 15cm x 6cm, with bright yellow inflorescences.

The ideal period to germinate the seeds is between late winter and spring. 2-3 seeds are placed in a pot or in open ground in our vegetable garden using a substrate rich in worm humus, keeping a planting frame of 30cm x 20cm.

Rocalba White Mustard, with super aromatic leaves, flowers and seeds

By providing good moisture, a temperature of between 18-27ºC and indirect sunlight, the seedlings begin to emerge in 5-7 days. In case of sowing in open ground in our vegetable patch or garden, it is expected they reach about 10-15cm before being placed in a sunny spot (or semi shade if we live in a place with hot summers over 30ºC).

It is a plant resistant to cold but cannot withstand frost. It requires moderate but frequent watering for an optimal development. In case of aphids or white flies, it can be treated with organic phytosanitary products which do not contaminate the leaves.

After 50-60 days from sowing or when the plant reaches about 30-40cm tall, it is possible to begin collecting leaves from the lower part (the oldest ones). This way the plant continues developing, and when it reaches maximum growth it can be harvested all over the plant, even picking the flowers. If one is interested in the seeds, wait until summer or autumn for the pods to be produced and dry.

Rocalba White Mustard info:

  • Sachet: 10g of seeds
  • Perfect for open ground and pot cultivation
  • Germination: spring, protected from frost
  • Requires between 18-27ºC
  • Germination directly in open ground or in a seedbed
  • Planting frame: 30cm x 20cm
  • Up to 80cm
  • Benefits from sun and shade
  • Benefits from spongy, rich and drained soils
  • Cannot withstand frost
  • Harvest: leaves and flowers when the plant reaches about 40cm or 40-50 days after sowing
  • Harvest: seeds in summer-autumn, when the pods have formed and dried on the plant

Properties of Rocalba White Mustard

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