Rocalba Organic Buenos Aires Roja Bean

Rocalba Organic Buenos Aires Roja Bean
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    shipping (*) presents Rocalba Organic Buenos Aires Roja Bean Seeds, a rustic and vigorous climbing variety. It has a semi-late cycle producing slightly curved reddish pods. It is a perfect plant for growing in pots and in the vegetable garden.

Buenos Aires Roja bean seeds, resistant and productive

Buenos Aires Roja bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) belongs to the legume family. It is an annual, climbing, tall plant with medium foliage. It develops with great vigour and requires tutoring methods to grow optimally.

It can initiate development in seedbeds, although the best way is to germinate directly in open ground during spring/summer. Seeds are placed in 3-5cm deep furrows, tapped and in 4-6 seed clusters. A 30-50 cm separation should be left between plants and 50-100cm between rows.

For optimal cultivation, it is recommended to use a substrate that provides adequate drainage and moisture retention. In case of very poor or compact soil, the substrate can be enriched with manure or worm humus. Leguminous plants fix the environmental N, which means that there is no need for too many nutrients. But it is important that they receive plenty of sun, protection against the wind, a temperature between 15-30°C, and protection from frost as this could be lethal for the plant.

Rocalba organic Buenos Aires Roja bea, reddish, flat and long pods

The seeds sprout after about 7-15 days from sowing. They show a rapid and vigorous development. When the plants reach 20-25cm high, mesh and stakes should be placed forming a pyramid structure, at about 3cm from the stem so the plants can curl up and grow vertically.

The plants require abundant water, but without waterlogging the substrate or letting it dry out. It is recommended to use a drip or automatic irrigation system to facilitate the task so as to obtain the best results.

The beans start to develop from June, with a production until the end of the year. This permits staggered harvesting throughout the season. This variety offers a good production with green and reddish tones fruits of about 18cm long and 2cm wide.

Rocalba Organic Buenos Aires Roja Bean Seeds info:

  • 15g seeds sachet
  • Climbing, robust and easy to cultivate variety
  • Requires abundant water and few nutrients
  • Fixes environmental N and revitalizes the substrate
  • Germination: spring and summer
  • Sowing directly in open ground, 4 seeds per hole
  • Ideal to soak the seeds 2-3h before sowing
  • Requires between 15 and 30ºC to develop
  • Suitable for both vegetable garden and pot
  • Height 200-300cm
  • Requires tutoring for properly development
  • Sow in rows 50-100cm apart - 30-50cm distance between plants
  • Ready to harvest in mid-June, along 5-7 months

Properties of Rocalba Organic Buenos Aires Roja Bean

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