B'Cuzz Soil A+B 5L

B'Cuzz Soil A+B 5L
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Now available at Alchimia Grow Shop B'Cuzz Tierra A + B 5L, a professional two-part biomineral fertiliser formulated to ensure an efficient and fast development of cannabis plants grown in high quality soil for cannabis cultivation.

These fertilisers have a complete and quickly assimilated formula. They complement the biological balance of the substrate, stimulating optimal plant development in all stages of growth and flowering.

B'Cuzz Tierra A + B, a professional complete mineral fertiliser for cannabis cultivation.

It comes as two parts: A (NPK 3-0-3) and B (NPK 0-3-4) offering a NPK 3-3-7 when combined.

The two components should be mixed in equal parts throughout the cycle, increasing the dose progressively as the plant grows.

A and B component dosage: Week 1 and 2: 1-1.5ml/l. Week 3 and 4: 1-2ml/l. Week 5: 2-3ml/l. Week 6 and 7: 3-4.5ml/l. Week 8 and 9: 4-5ml/l.

It is recommended to combine these two base fertilisers with the B'Cuzz range of roots, growth and flowering stimulators in order to boost the quality and increase the cannabis harvest.

B'Cuzz Tierra A + B 5L info:

  • 2 part base mineral growth and flowering fertiliser
  • Professional complete and balanced formula
  • Promotes health and encourages cannabis development in all growing stages
  • Easy to use, simply increase dosage progressively

Component A:

  • NPK: 3-0-3
  • Nitrogen (N) 3.22%
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 0.18%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) 3.20%
  • Sodium oxide (Na2O) 0.20
  • Calcium oxide (CaO) 2.58%
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.88%
  • Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 0.12%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.031%
  • Boron (B) 0.001%

Component B:

  • NPK: 0-3-4
  • Nitrogen (N) 0.51%
  • Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 2.92%
  • Potassium oxide (K2O) 4.30%
  • Sodium oxide (Na2O) 0.21%
  • Calcium oxide (CaO) 0.26%
  • Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.55%
  • Sulfur trioxide (SO3) 0.67%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.001%
  • Boron (B) 0.009%
  • Manganese (Mn) 0.021%
  • Copper (Cu) 0.001%
  • Zink (Zn) 0.030%
  • Molybdenum (Mo) 0.001%

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