Rocalba Organic Blanc de Lisbonne Onion

Rocalba Organic Blanc de Lisbonne Onion
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    shipping (*) is pleased to present Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds, a short-day late-cycle variety that produces large and globular bulbs, perfect for the orchard and pots or planters.

Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds, silvery white

They are part of the liliaceous family (Allium Cepa), forming silvery-white onions with light green inervations up to the middle of the bulb. They have a thick neck and if harvested early, top quality spring onions can be obtained.

If we wish to harvest large onions, we should germinate in August. If we are looking for tender onions, they should be sown in July, planting the seedling into the final pot or open ground between July and October when they are as thick as a pencil. They should be placed in a 40cmx10cm cultivation frame.

We should place 2-3 seeds in a medium textured soil with a good worm humus and nutrients amount, slightly moistened and at a temperature of between 13ºC-28ºC so that the seeds germinate after about 12-15 days.

Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds, produces large or tender onions

When transplanting them, it is advisable to cut the roots at 1-2cm from the base so that they sprout strongly and the bulbs are enhanced. They start developing when the plant has produced a multitude of long, lush, dark green leaves.

While the onions are developing we must be very careful with watering, avoiding water excess so that no fungus grows. Also it is important to minimise watering fluctuations as may crack the onions. It is ideal to install an automatic watering system.

The onions continue to be fattened during the autumn and can be harvested from November onwards. The onions can be kept for a moderate time once they have been harvested.

Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds info:

  • 2g seeds package
  • Large silvery white bulbs
  • Sown a little later, soft onions can be harvested
  • Suitable for both orchard and pot
  • Sown in July and August
  • Ready for harvest from November, 5 months after sowing the seedling

Properties of Rocalba Organic Blanc de Lisbonne Onion

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