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Among the garden seeds that we offer you in this section, there's no doubt that onions are one of the most popular and most widely used in the kitchen. There's a good reason for this: Allium Cepa is the most cultivated species of the Allium genus, of which there are dozens of different cultivars. Originally from Central Asia, it was soon introduced to Europe by the Romans and Greeks; Today, China is by far the world's largest producer of onion crops.

Used as a raw or cooked basic ingredient in recipes of all kinds from all over the world, the onion is a biennial herbaceous plant, flowering the second year of cultivation. Known by all those who are fond of cooking, its characteristic irritant property, caused by thiopropanal sulfoxide and which has brought so many chefs to tears! Rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibre, it also contains calcium and magnesium, and especially potassium.

As with garlic, onion seeds can be grown in batches throughout the year, as the bulbs store well for a long time and can be consumed both raw at harvest or months later. It is a vegetable that likes sunlight, and although it tolerates the cold well in its early stages, once the bulb develops it appreciates higher temperatures. It is usually sown in spring, although some varieties of winter onion can also be sown in early autumn.

Below we offer an excellent selection of some of the best onion varieties, don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell us which one is your favourite!

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Rocalba Organic Amposta Red Onion

Alchimiaweb.com presents the Rocalba Amposta Red Onion organic seeds, a plant that produces large and colourful bulbs with shallow roots suitable for cultivation in orchards, pots and planters. Amposta Red Onion organic seeds, purple and fleshy bulb [...]

  • 2g1.80€ 1.70€

Rocalba Organic Blanc de Lisbonne Onion

Alchimiaweb.com is pleased to present Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds, a short-day late-cycle variety that produces large and globular bulbs, perfect for the orchard and pots or planters. Rocalba Blanc de Lisbonne Onion organic seeds, [...]

  • 2g1.80€ 1.70€

Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia Recas

Alchimiaweb.com presents Rocalba Organic Onion Valencia Tardia "Recas" seeds, a "Long-day" variety (it matures when the day is long and the weather is fine) with a late cycle, producing round and dense bulbs ideal for the vegetable garden, planters a [...]

  • 2g1.80€ 1.70€

Rocalba Organic Stuttgarter Onion

Alchimiaweb.com presents Rocalba Organic Stuttgarter Onion Seeds, a "Medium-day" variety (it matures when the day begins to lengthen and good weather begins) wth a late cycle. It produces flat golden coloured bulbs ideal for the garden, planters and [...]

  • 3g1.80€ 1.70€

Rocalba -Valenciana Tardia Recas- Onion Seeds Tape

Alchimiaweb.com presents the "Valenciana Tardia Recas" Onion Seeds Tape by Rocalba, a “long day” variety (it begins to ripen when the day becomes longer and with the arrival of fine weather) and with a late cycle. It is a variety that pro [...]

  • 3x1.67m1.80€ 1.70€

Batlle Organic Parma Yellow Onion

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Batlle Organic Parma Yellow Onion Seeds, a new onion variety that can be cultivated either in pots or directly in open ground. Organic Parma Yellow Onion, easy to cultivate and not very demanding Parma Yellow onion (Allium [...]

  • 1g1.60€ 1.55€

Chive annual - Batlle

Chives are a non-bulb onion, a perennial herbaceous plant with a bulbous stem. They grow together to form thick clumps. It is a very healthy food product and provides great beauty to our gardens' compositions. The plants reach about 25-30cm, are gre [...]

  • 3g1.50€ 1.45€

Organic Amposta Onion - Les Refardes

Allium cepa Amposta Onion is a late onion variety. Cultivated in a light soil it will grow much better. The bulbs are medium sized and violet-pink in colour. It has an intense flavour and preserves very well. The onion as a side plant is a great al [...]

  • ± 300 seeds3.00€ 2.90€

Organic Figueres Onion - Les Rafardes

Allium cepa Origin: Mas Vitó, Viladesens, Girona Pink onion with a flattened shape, sweet flesh and soft texture, very appreciated in cuisine, both in stews and raw for salads. It forms flattened bulbs of medium size that weigh about 200g. [...]

  • ± 360 seeds3.00€ 2.90€

Organic Cornet Onion - Les Refardes

Allium cepa The Cornet Onion develops good-sized bulbs, flat and wheel-shaped. Its colours range from pink to white. Highly appreciated for its sweet flesh and excellent taste. It preserves very well. The onion is a great ally in the garden and veg [...]

  • ± 275 seeds (Out of stock)3.00€ 2.90€

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