Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Courgette

Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Courgette
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    shipping (*) presents Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Courgette Seeds, a fast and highly productive variety ideal for cultivation in vegetable gardens and in large 50-60L pots.

Black Beauty courgette, vigorous and productive

Black Beauty courgettes (Cucurbita Pepo) develops quickly and with great vigour. It develops a multitude of long unbranched stems, close to the ground and with quite a few wide and large leaves. It takes up a lot of space growing high and wide in our garden.

Its rapid development requires a lot of water and nutrients. It provides best results when planted in a well-drained, aerated soil mixture, rich in worm humus and compost or dry manure. Although it adapts easily to almost any substrate.

The seeds can be germinated in groups of 3 in February-March in a greenhouse. Also indoors near a window with direct sunlight and a temperature of 20°C to favour the seed development. Another option is to wait until mid-April (when the frost risk ceases) and sow the seeds directly into the final pot or in open ground in a planting frame of 1-2m x 0.5-1.0m.

Oganic Black Beauty courgette seeds, dark green fruits with a delicate aroma

The first shoots emerge after about 4-5 days. It can be transplanted after 15-25 days when its size is about 10 cm in the seedbed. At about 4-5 weeks of vegetative growth the courgette production begins and will continue until autumn. The fruits are elongated and fine, dark green in colour and slightly marbled with a sweet and delicate flavour.

It is important to note that this plant produces male and female flowers (with the thicker stem). For courgettes production there must be cross-pollination between two plants. In the vegetable garden bees do this pollination work, but in urban cultivation we have to do it ourselves by sprinkling a male flower over the female flowers.

To guarantee the best production, make sure that the plant is kept between 25-30° and provided with plenty of light and water. It is ideal to install an automatic irrigation system. The courgettes are ready to harvest once they are mature, before the fruit starts produce seeds which makes the plant weak and stops developing flowers thus production ceases.

Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Courgette Seeds info:

  • 5g seeds sachet
  • Long thin cylindrical fruits, dark green marbled
  • Sowing: Between February and May. It can be done until mid-summer
  • Suitable for both vegetable garden and large pot
  • 1-2m x 0.5-1.0m planting frame
  • Harvest: 4-5 weeks after sowing, and until autumn

Properties of Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Courgette

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