Rocalba Organic Butternut Squash

Rocalba Organic Butternut Squash
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Organic Butternut Squash seeds, for cultivation in pots, urban gardens or directly in open ground.

Rocalba organic Butternut Squash seeds, vigorous and fast growing

This pumpkin variety (from the cucurbit family) was developed in the 1940s in Massachusetts using different pumpkin selections. It is a variety widely consumed in Anglo-Saxon countries, particularly the US and South Africa.

It should be germinated in mid-spring after the frosts period. It is also well adapted to direct sowing. To speed up development, the seeds can be germinated at the end of winter in a greenhouse or indoors, ensuring that they receive direct sunshine and are kept at a temperature of around 20°C.

Set 2-3 seeds in a seedbed or in a 10-12cm deep pot using quality soil, rich in worm humus and compost (or dry manure rich in K) as it requires quite a lot of nutrients (especially with N and Ca). The seeds are placed horizontally, covered with 0.5cm of loosely packed soil and then watered abundantly.

Rocalba organic Butternut Squash seeds: cream-coloured pumpkins up to 2kg

When cultivated on open ground we provide a planting frame of 1.0x1.5m or 1.0x2.0m as they grow abundantly. The plant offers a large production of deep cream coloured bulging pumpkins, weighing between 1-2kg.

It should be watered abundantly but with moderation so as not to waterlogging the substrate. The use of an automatic irrigation system is very useful, also ensuring a sufficient fertilizers amount so that the pumpkins fully express their potential.

They are ready to harvest from October to November, depending on when they have been sown, and when the fruits lose their green streaks to ensure the sweetest possible taste. They are cut leaving 1cm of peduncle to guarantee a correct conservation.

Rocalba Organic Butternut Squash seeds info:

  • 3g seeds sachet
  • Ideal for both open ground and pot cultivation
  • Germination: end of winter in a greenhouse / mid-spring outside
  • Can be sown directly in open ground
  • Plant cycle: 3-5month
  • Ready to harvest in mid-autumn
  • 1-2kg pumpkins, cream coloured and sweet taste
  • Space requirement: 1x2m
  • It requires abundant nutrients

Properties of Rocalba Organic Butternut Squash

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