Batlle Organic Long Purple Aubergine

Batlle Organic Long Purple Aubergine
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Organic Long Purple aubergine, requires a lot of sun and plenty of nutrients

Long Purple aubergine (Solanum melongena) is a plant that produces an edible fruit which belongs to the Solanaceae family. It is known to have been cultivated even before 2000 BC in Southeast Asia and China. It later extended to North Africa and reached Europe in the Middle Ages through Al-Andalus and the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula.

It is an annual herbaceous plant, although it can live for two or more years under optimal conditions. It can reach up to 70-100cm, developing upright, ramified and thorny stems with large and oval leaves distributed all over the plant. It produces pink starry flowers.

Seeds are ideally germinated in seedbeds in mid-late winter, with a minimum temperature of 12-15ºC. About 3-5 seeds are buried 0.3mm deep in a moistened, non-clayey soil mix. Ideally, a loose soil rich in worm humus, compost or manure. The plant sprouts after about 10-20 days.

Organic Long Purple aubergine, ready to harvest about 100 days after transplanting

It is a demanding plant that requires 8-10 hours of direct sunlight, a temperature of 22-30ºC, abundant nutrients and frequent and moderate watering. This plant does not tolerate cold and frost well, and can be affected by temperatures below 10ºC, especially when the plant is young.

Once the plant reaches 20-25cm and has 4-5 nodes, it is ready for transplanting into a 30L pot or open ground in the vegetable patch in a 70x60cm planting frame. By removing the shoots regularly, trellising and frequent watering with an automatic irrigation system, its full potential can be achieved resulting in an abundant and quality harvest.

In about 90-100 days from transplanting to open ground or potting, the aubergines harvest is ready. They can be collected when well-formed, with smooth and firm skin and completely purple and shiny in colour. It should also be observed that it sinks when pressed, but recovers its original shape. It is collected by cutting the stem with scissors 2-3 cm from the aubergine, avoiding the risk of diseases.

Batlle Organic Long Purple Aubergine info:

  • Sachet: 0.18g of seeds
  • Perfect for growing both in pots and in the vegetable patch
  • Plantation frame: 70cm x 60cm
  • Germination: in seedbed at late summer
  • Shelter from cold and frost
  • Requires 8-10 hours of direct sunlight and between 22-30ºC
  • Demanding in terms of nutrients and irrigation
  • Germinates in 10-20 days
  • Ready to harvest in 90-100 days after transplanting

Properties of Batlle Organic Long Purple Aubergine

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