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Batlle Love-in-a-mist

Nigella Damascena Love-in-a-mist is a beautiful herbaceous plant variety. It grows upright and reaches up to 40-50cm. Annual plant with vigorous and spectacular flowering. Direct sowing, easy cultivation and good adaptation. It is not demanding wit [...]

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Batlle Organic Thyme

Thymus vulgaris Thyme is an aromatic shrub about 20-40 cm high, it is a very versatile plant in terms of applications. It is used as a seasoning in the kitchen to add aroma and flavour to a variety of recipes. As an ornamental plant, it is used in [...]

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Pot Marigold Gypsy Party - Batlle

Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold is a flowering plant with an annual cycle, rustic and easy to care for. Planted in groups in the garden it provides a nice colourful effect, very suitable for composing flower borders. It can also be grown in pots [...]

  • 4 g1.50€

Organic Alfalfa Sprouts

Organic Alfalfa Sprouts are a very nutritious and energetic food, containing a high amount of Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, K and several essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron. Frequent consumption of alfalfa sprouts helps combat anaemi [...]

  • 21 g2.00€

Strawflower - Batlle

Helichrysum bracteatum Golden everlasting aka Strawflower is a striking flower with bright colours and a feel that resembles paper. Very suitable for creating beautiful dried flower bouquets. Annual plant that can reach up to 120cm. It appreciates [...]

  • 3 g1.50€

Organic Mung Bean Sprouts (Green soybean)

Organic Mung Bean Sprouts are high in protein, lipids, vitamins A, C, E, K and B group, and essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. Their consumption helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Thanks to the high fibre conte [...]

  • 36 g2.00€

Snow Basket Alyssum

Alyssum maritimum Snow Basket Alyssum is an annual plant belonging to the Brassicaceae family, an easy-to-grow perennial that grows up to 10-30cm. It produces inflorescences with numerous small white flowers. Alder flowers exude a sweet honey aroma. [...]

  • 25g1.50€

Annual Honesty

Lunaria Biennis Annual Honesty is a very suitable ornamental plant for planting in borders and flowerbeds. It is appreciated and known for its pink to purple pods. The flowers are ideal for making dried flower bouquets. Biannual plant that adapts v [...]

  • 7 g1.50€

Organic Lentil Sprouts - Batlle

Organic Lentil Sprouts are a highly nutritious food, rich in protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. They are also high in fibre and contain essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Consuming lentil sprouts helps reduce chole [...]

  • 33 g2.00€

Batlle - Common Passion Flower

Passiflora Caerulea Bluecrown Passionflower also called Common Passion Flower is a beautiful climbing plant, excellent for covering walls, fences, pergolas and columns. A leafy plant with green penta-lobed leaves and amazing single flowers of about [...]

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Organic Wheat Sprouts - Batlle

Organic Wheat Sprouts are rich in proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. They also are notable for their content of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. Regular intake helps to maintain healthy tissues, hai [...]

  • 33 g2.00€

Eco Italian Sweet Pepper - Batlle

This Sweet Italian Pepper produces long, pointed fruits up to 8 cm in diameter and about 20 cm in length. It has a sweet flavour and is one of the best varieties for frying, also highly recommended to also eat raw in salads. We will have fruits with [...]

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Batlle - Edelweiss Lion's Foot

Leontopodium alpinum Edelweiss Lion's Foot, a well-known flower that grows in small clusters in alpine meadows. It is about 15-20cm high, with beautiful white, cottony-looking flowers. A perennial plant for sowing in autumn and winter in direct see [...]

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Organic Sunflower Sprouts - Batlle

Organic Sunflower Sprouts are very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to their high phosphorus and calcium content, they help to keep teeth and bones healthy. Consuming sunflower sprouts relieves muscular pains. It is also a good food f [...]

  • 42 gr2.00€

Reus Long Bio Pepper by Batlle

The Reus long bio pepper develops red, sweet fruits. A variety highly appreciated for its culinary properties, the fruits are ideal for roasting, they have thin skin and are easy to peel once roasted. Its shape is rectangular with 3-4 sections and i [...]

  • 1g1.60€

Batlle - Scarlet Sage

Salvia splendens Scarlet Sage is an herbaceous plant used in the composition of rockeries and flowerbeds. It is also very suitable for pot cultivation. Scarlet Sage is an annual plant. In warm or temperate climates is perennial. Sowing should be s [...]

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