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The Aubergine is a vegetable from the Solanaceae family. It is native to Southeast Asia and widely cultivated throughout the world. It offers a delicious flavour and culinary versatility. Aubergines are relatively easy to grow and, with proper care, can produce a bumper cultivation all summer long.

Aubergines cultivation

It is important to make sure you have a suitable place to plant the aubergines. They require well-drained and fertile soil and a sun exposure of 6-8 hours. Ideally, the place should be protected from the wind. It is advisable to prepare the soil by deep tillage and add organic fertiliser before sowing.

Aubergine seeds can be germinated directly in the soil, although they are usually germinated in seedbeds at a 0.5-1.0cm deep. They take about 15 days to germinate. Once germinated, the seedlings should be kept moist and protected from frost. Seedlings are transplanted when they have 4-6 leaves, with a separation of about 45-60cm between plants.

They have high watering requirements, especially during growth and fruit stage. Do not let the soil dry out completely or make the soil waterlogged.

Aubergines are prone to pests such as red spider mites and whiteflies. Also are prone to fungal attacks. It is important to keep the plants well-ventilated and free of weeds to prevent it.

Aubergines are ready to harvest when they reach the correct size, depending on the variety. The harvest is usually done with the fruit still immature and depending on the colour or touch.

Aubergine auxiliary cultivation

To obtain a good aubergines harvest, it is important to plant them together with auxiliary cultivations that complement and protect them from pests and diseases.

Some popular choices for this, include garlic, cabbage, endive, lettuce, potato, leek, radish and bean. Also, rosemary, basil and oregano near the aubergines can help repel pests and improve the fruits flavour. In addition, some flowers such as marigolds, can help attract beneficial insects that can help pollinate the aubergines and control pests.

It is advisable not to cultivate aubergine with cucumbers or courgettes.

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Sfumata Di Rosa Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Sfumata di Rosa is an aubergine native to the Campania region in Italy. It is a medium-large size aubergine with an oval shape and slightly flattened at both ends. [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Japanese Pickling Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

The Japanese Pickling Aubergine, also known as nasu no asazuke in Japanese, is an aubergine native to Japan. It is used in pickles, and is delicious grill [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Dewako One Bite Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Dewako One Bite Aubergine is a variety of Japanese origin (Dewako, Yamagata, Japan), It owes the name to the small size that makes it possible to eat it in [...]

  • 30 seeds (Out of stock) 3.40€

Long Black Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Solanum melongena L Origin: Puig de la Bauma, Mura (Bages), Barcelona A very vigorous plant producing black and elongated fruits, hanging [...]

  • ± 50 seeds 3.75€

Thai White Ribbed Aubergine - Aubergine Seeds

Kokopelli Association presents the ancient Thai White Ribbed Aubergine, a Thai variety recovered before 1812 by Thomas Jefferson (Monticello Kitchen Garden). This aubergine [...]

  • 30 seeds 3.40€

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