Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Aubergine

Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Aubergine
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Aubergine seeds, a perennial variety of Greek origin that produces intense purple fruit. It is suitable for both pot and garden cultivation.

Rocalba organic Black Beauty aubergine seeds, vigorous and productive

Aubergine (Solanum melongena) belongs to the Solanaceae family. It is a plant that needs a lot of light and a warm environment to develop, attaining a height of between 50 and 150cm.

The seedbed is prepared in the middle-end of winter (January-February), by first placing the seeds 24 hours in water to activate them and speed up the germination process. It must be ensured that it receives good light and a minimum temperature of 12-15ºC. It will take 10-15 days to sprout.

The recommended substrate would be a mixture of quality peat with perlite, vermiculite and worm humus. The seeds are placed in 2-3 groups covered with 0.5cm of soil not too tightly packed. Water abundantly.

Rocalba organic Black Beauty aubergine seeds, black coloured fruit with a sweet aroma

After 10-15 days of development they can be transplanted into the final pot. In the garden they can be transplanted into the ground when the plants are about 20-25cm high and when the temperature is about 22-30ºC in mid-spring, after the frost period.

It is a plant that develops quite fast, being demanding with water and nutrients (manure or compost). During the flowering stage it consumes a lot of potassium (K). It requires the substrate always to be humid (it doesn't tolerate drought), therefore the use of an automatic irrigation system is highly recommended in order to facilitate its growth. It also requires about 8-10 hours of direct light and a 70x70cm growing frame.

The aubergines are ready to harvest about after about 90-100 days since germination, with collection beginning in summer and continuing until autumn with the arrival of lower temperatures. It produces dark, bright and rounded aubergines. They should be harvested before the seeds are formed when the skin is smooth and firm, and before they lose their colour.

Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Aubergine seeds info:

  • 3g seeds sachet
  • Very productive and easy to cultivate
  • Water and nutrients demanding, especially in flowering
  • Germination: Between January and February
  • Suitable for both garden and pot
  • Growing frame 70x70cm
  • Ready to harvest between summer and autumn

Properties of Rocalba Organic Black Beauty Aubergine

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