Batlle Organic Superba Dwarf Bean

Batlle Organic Superba Dwarf Bean
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    shipping (*) presents Batlle Organic Superba Dwarf Bean Seeds, a low shrubby and strong variety that produces cylindrical, stringless pods. An ideal variety for cultivation in pots and open ground.

Batlle organic Superba dwarf bean, cylindrical stringless pods

Superba dwarf bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) is an annual herbaceous, fast growing plant that grows up to 50-60cm. It produces long pods up to 18cm long, which are excellent for eating raw.

This plant develops a structure with upright stems with many large leaves that acquire the shape of a flower knob, leaving enough space for the bean pods to form and hang down without touching the ground.

The seeds are sown between February and November in a 15-20L pot or in a vegetable patch. A mixture of loamy soil and worm humus is ideal. 2-3 seeds are placed 2-3cm deep, respecting a planting frame of 60cm x 30cm. Ensuring a temperature of between 10-30ºC and maintaining the substrate humidity, the seeds germinate in 4-6 days.

Batlle organic Superba dwarf bean requires abundant nutrition

It requires regular inputs of organic fertiliser during its development from the time it reaches over 30cm in size. This ensures a good quality abundant harvest. Liquid fertilisers can be applied or a little humus can be spread on the soil around the plant to be absorbed through watering. It does not tolerate frost and prefers warm climates.

It requires constant but moderate watering. It should be placed in a place plenty of sunlight in order to speed up its development. Padding the soil around the stem prevents weeds from growing, while boosting the substrate micro-life activity as well as maintaining humidity. This combined with an automatic irrigation system makes cultivation really simple and convenient.

The harvest is ready 2-3 months after sowing, collecting the pods as they fatten and reach about 18cm in length, thus enhancing the formation of new pods and the final plant performance.

Batlle Organic Superba Dwarf Bean Seeds info:

  • Sachet: 30g of seeds
  • Highly disease resistant variety
  • High production
  • Up to 50-60cm
  • Benefits from temperate climates and does not tolerate frost (10-30ºC)
  • Requires good nutrition
  • Requires frequent and moderate watering
  • Germination: between February and November
  • Suitable for cultivation in vegetable patches or pots
  • Germination: 4-6 days after sowing
  • Planting frame: 60cm x 30cm
  • Harvest: 2-3 months after sowing

Properties of Batlle Organic Superba Dwarf Bean

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