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Jalapeño seeds, a great garnish for meat recipes and salads

Introducing Rocalba's Jalapeño seeds. A hot pepper that is the standard bearer of spicy cuisine thanks to its bitter, fresh and aromatic taste together with a crunchy and meaty texture.

Jalapeño peppers are traditionally dried and smoked to produce the famous Chipotle chilli. There is an infinite number of recipes for its use both cooked and raw. This pepper goes perfectly with dishes full of sauces, such as nachos or potatoes. It is also a great accompaniment to meats, pizzas and cooked vegetables. It is equally well known for its use in all kinds of cold dishes, such as fruit salads and guacamole.

Its popular use is due to its spiciness, tolerable but remarkable, ideal to add to all kinds of recipes. On the Scoville scale (where spiciness is measured in Scoville Heat Units, SHU), it reaches about 2,500-5,000 SHU. These are values below those of Padron peppers (the hot ones). These spiciness values are a far cry from the dreaded Bhut Jolokia or Carolina Reaper.

Jalapeño cultivation, easy to grow and with good yields

Jalapeños are elongated, between 5-7cm long and 2-3cm thick. The deep green colour darkens as they ripen, a good indicator for harvesting.

This hot chilli is easy to cultivate. In non-tropical areas it is an annual plant, with a size of up to 80-100 cm. Germination should be done indoors between late February / early March, when the last frosts are over. It is advisable to take them outdoors gradually during the day so that the plants can acclimatise. This hot pepper plant only requires hydration, leaving a maximum of three days between watering.

The harvest is ready in late summer/early autumn, depending on how ripe the Jalapeño is desired.

Properties of Jalapeño

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