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In this section we are presenting hot pepper seeds, native varieties from all over the world, genetic mutations aiming for the highest amount of spiciness, and varieties with rare and exclusive forms and colours.

Plants such as Jalapeño or Cayenne peppers have been used in traditional food, especially in South America, since the first colonisers. Others, such as Scotch Bonnet, bring tasty and spicy nuances to various cuisines, such as the Jamaican Jerk.

The most common use of these peppers is in the production of hellish sauces and spicy seasonings. Normally, in the elaboration of the sauce, the pepper is baked or cooked, the skin is peeled off and it is incorporated together with other seasonings. For use as a seasoning, it is generally left to dry in a cool, dark, well-ventilated place.

These varieties are often very rewarding to cultivate. Alchimia, intrigued by genetic mutations, aims to present the greatest range of new hot chilli varieties as they are available.

In order to begin intensively in the hot chilli world, it is essential to know the Scoville scale, where chillies are classified according to their hotness, measured with Scoville Heat Units (SCU). These units reflect the water needed to dilute the spiciness with sugar water.

Examples are the Jalapeño, usually between 2,500-8,000 SHU, or the famous Habanero, which goes up to 100,000-350,000 SHU. These varieties are not comparable with mutations such as Bhut Jolokia peppers, with a scale of up to 1,001,304 SHU (125 times the Jalapeño), or the Carolina Reaper which can contain a dose similar to pepper gas used in the US.

Hot peppers are really easy to cultivate. They are highly resistant to humidity and pests as they are native to tropical areas. The frost risk must be taken into account (preferably temperatures should not drop below 10-12 degrees), and constant watering should be provided. The seeds are germinated in late February or early March indoors, to prevent frost. With an improvement in weather conditions, it is advisable to put them outside gradually a few hours a day to acclimatise. Once the outdoor temperature does not drop below 10-12ºC, it is the ideal time to transplant them.

Constant watering every two or three days is recommended, depending on factors such as type of pot, soil, exposure to sunlight, etc. Under these optimal conditions, you can expect a large quantity of hot peppers that will hit the consumers' palates.

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Jalapeño seeds, a great garnish for meat recipes and salads Introducing Rocalba's Jalapeño seeds. A hot pepper that is the standard bearer of spicy [...]

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Hot Pepper Serrano

Serrano hot pepper, an excellent and spicy substitute for the Jalapeño pepper Serrano chilli peppers are also known as green chillies, as they are [...]

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Scotch Bonnet

Scotch Bonnet, a very spicy chilli related to the Habanero Rocalba presents Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper, also known as panameño. It is a chilli peppe [...]

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Habanero Chocolate

Chocolate Habanero seeds, strong spicy with smoky taste Now available at Alchimiaweb the Chocolate Habanero seeds, also called Black Congo. Among the wide Rocalba's catal [...]

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Trinidad Scorpion

Trinidad Scorpion, extremely hot chillies with the shape of a stinger We present Trinidad Scorpion seeds by Rocalba, one of the hottest peppers in the world [...]

  • 8 seeds 1.75€

Organic Padrón Pepper

Alchimia presents the Organic Padrón Pepper, with small-sized blunt-tipped fruits, highly appreciated for their great gastronomic value. It is used as an accompaniment, garn [...]

  • 1 g 1.60€

Red Cherry Small Hot Pepper

Red Cherry Small Hot Pepper seeds, ideal for salads and sandwiches Hot Red Cherry Small chilli is a pepper with beautiful cherry-like fruits. It is not d [...]

  • 25 seeds 1.75€

Bhut Jolokia

Bhut Jolokia by Rocalba, until recently the hottest pepper in the world Bhut Jolokia hot pepper originates from northwest India (Assam, Nagaland and Manipur) and is one of the hot [...]

  • 25 seeds 1.75€

Habanero Red

Red Habanero seeds by Rocalba, fresh or powdered, ideal for all kinds of recipes Red Habanero is the most widely known chilli pepper. This is thanks to its powerf [...]

  • 25 seeds 1.75€

Hot Pepper Fireball

Boule de Feu by Rocalba, very hot peppers! The hot pepper Boule de Feu (Capsicum Chinese) clearly indicates its meaning with its name, ball of fire. Rocalba presents here the seeds of the [...]

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Cayenne hot peppers

Cayenne seeds, 10 times the Jalapeño's spiciness Alchimia presents Cayena hot peppers by Rocalba. In Spain, Cayenne is the name given to any hot, red, elongated, d [...]

  • 25 seeds (Out of stock) 1.75€

Organic Republic Pepper - Les Refardes

Capsicum annum Republic Pepper is a small hot pepper, about 4 cm in size. It is a very attractive, productive and easy to grow plant, very suitabl [...]

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Carolina Reaper

Carolina Reaper by Rocalba, the hottest pepper in the world Carolina Reaper is according to the Guinness World Record, the hottest pepper in the world since 2013. On the [...]

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Orange Habanero

Orange Habanero by Rocalba, spicy peppers ideal for sauces Alchimia presents Orange Habanero, a plant that like most Habaneros is traditionally consumed in the Yucatan, a [...]

  • 25 seeds 1.75€
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