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Slick Pad

The Slick Pad from Oil Slick are already available in Alchimiaweb. This silicone pad is perfect for lovers of BHO concentrates or to dry your water hash. Its non-stick surface allows to handle any extract sample easily, without losing a bit of our p [...]

  • 17.00€

RAW parchment paper, 15 mts roll

The RAW parchment paper is already available in Alchimiaweb, ideal for cannabis concentrates like BHO, Rosin hash, bubblehash, etc. Made of unbleached paper, RAW parchment paper is coated with silicone on both sides, which makes it the perfect surfa [...]

  • 10.50€

Slick Slab

Alchimia presents here a new product, the Slick Slabs from Oil Slick, silicone pads (91cm x 61cm) which are designed to protect the surface of your table when smoking cannabis concentrates like BHO. Thanks to its non-adhesive capacity, it allows us [...]

  • 99.00€

Nogoo small silicone tray

Now available from Alchimiaweb are mini silicone anti-stick trays perfect for use as a dish for resin, or when manipulating hashish. These small rectangular trays or saucers measure 5.5x7.5cm and are designed to help you manipulate your marijuana re [...]

  • 10.00€

Nogoo silicone tray

Now you can find at Alchimia nonstick Nogoo silicone trays specifically designed to ease the process of manipulation of BHO. The Nogoo trays are made ??of nonstick silicone, and available in different sizes to choose from, so that you can find the m [...]

  • Square18.00€
  • Round dish20.00€

Red silicone mat

Red siliconemat completely nontoxic and neutral, whose antiadherent surface will allow us to manipulate BHO type resins, bubble hash or dry sift more easily, without wasting a bit. We can also cut it into smaller pieces to separate our diverse extra [...]

  • S Small13.00€

RAW Parchment paper squares (100 Leaves)

Parchment paper squares manufactured by RAW, one of the leader companies of the sector. This pack of individual squares is ideal for handling or storing your favourite resin concentrates, also to carry them easily wherever you go. They are made of r [...]

  • 6.90€

Organic coffee filters - 100 units

Unbleached and organic coffee filters, thick and with no toxic wastes from chemical products used during the bleaching process, such as chlorine. This pack of 100 units will be really useful in combination with your BHO extractor , retaining particl [...]

  • 6.50€

Honey Bee replacement filters 40 units

Pack of 40 round filters of 4cm in diameter, ideal for use with marijuana resin extractor Honey Bee .These circular unbleached filters wich will ensure that vegetable particles slip to the extracted resin, containing also other waxy elements blew by [...]

  • 7.50€

Paper Filter Roller Extractor 50 units

Round Paper Filters designed and cut to the right size to fit perfectly in the mesh hole of the BHO Roller extractor . With this set of 50 units you make sure that your extractions are always clean and pure, without plant particles or other contam [...]

  • 7.50€

Roller Extractor tripod

Adaptable tripod for BHO Roller Extractor , compatible with all sizes. This small tool will help us keeping the extraction tube in an upright position with respect to the tray, facilitating the filling process with marijuana as well as the collectio [...]

  • 49.00€

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