Rocalba Gentian

Rocalba Gentian
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    shipping (*) presents Rocalba Gentian Seeds, an aromatic bitter plant with medicinal properties. It can be cultivated perfectly in open ground or in a pot on a balcony or terrace.

Rocalba Gentian seeds, easy to grow and very resistant

Yellow Gentian (Gentiana lutea) is an herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the Gentianaceae family. It is native to the mountainous regions of southern and central Europe and is very common in Spain (especially in the Cantabrian mountain range).

Gentians develop thick and fleshy roots, crowned by an upright strong stem up to one metre high and decorated with pointed leaves of about 10-12cm in a rosette arrangement. It produces deep yellow flowers on the top of the bunch.

It is a very simple plant to cultivate and quite resistant. It is typical of humid and fairly high-altitude areas where it can withstand temperatures down to -10°C. Even so, it also develops well in Mediterranean regions, as long as it has a loose substrate rich in compost or worm humus for nourishment.

Rocalba Gentian seeds, with a bitter aroma and a medicinal effect

The seeds germinate in spring, burying them in the ground within 1cm and covering them lightly without compacting the soil. A distance of about 20-30cm should be left between plants. After 15-20 days the first sprouts germinate provided they have the proper conditions and the required humidity.

Although this plant is not very water-demanding, it requires regular irrigation 1-3 times a week to keep the substratum humid but without waterlogging. It is a good option to use a drip irrigtion or an automatic irrigation system in our cultivation.

The leaves and flowers are harvested throughout the season, although are the roots that contain the highest glycosides concentration which provide the most beneficial effects. It helps combat poor appetite and has a purifying and digestive effect.

Rocalba Gentian Seeds info:

  • 0.2g seeds sachet
  • Simple to cultivate - aromatic and medicinal plant
  • Up to 100cm high
  • Planting frame 30cm x 30cm
  • Germination: Spring
  • The leaves and flowers are harvested, as well as the roots at the end of the season
  • It is undemanding in terms of irrigation and nutrients
  • Prefers rich, loose and well-drained soils
  • Perfect for gardening or potting
  • Bitter aroma, appreciated in liquor production
  • Digestive and purifying effect

Properties of Rocalba Gentian

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