Rocalba Garden Cress

Rocalba Garden Cress
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Rocalba Garden Cress Seeds, an aromatic plant with spicy nuances. A perfect variety to cultivate in the vegetable garden or in pots on your terrace.

Rocalba Garden Cress seeds, a rapid-growing aromatic plant

Garden Cress (Lepidium sativum) belongs to the Bracicaceae family which is native to Egypt and Asia. This plant grows in very humid areas like around rivers. It grows 30-60cm tall, developing an upright stem and flat leaves about 4-10cm long and 3cm wide, producing small white or pink flowers.

The seeds are germinated in spring, placing them in groups of 3-5 in the ground in a planting frame of about 10cm x 10cm. Then the seeds are covered with 0.3mm of a mixture of peat, worm humus and limestone soil in similar proportions so it acquires a clayey texture.

If a seedbed is used, it is ideal to place a tray with water underneath to keep it constantly moist or provide regular watering. It should also be abundantly watered if direct sowing in order to prevent the soil from drying out.

Rocalba Garden Cress seeds, perfect spicy flavour for salads

Alternatively, the plant can be sown next to a watercourse or it can be installed as an automatic irrigation system to emulate the semi-aquatic environment that these plants require. Besides, by providing plenty of sunlight, the sprouts will emerge quickly and the plants will develop vigorously.

The side shoots can be pruned in order to encourage vertical growth, and then prune the growth bud so that it ramifies and acquires a more shrubby appearance. This maximises its final performance, collecting the buds as they grow and thus favouring the development of new ones.

It can be eaten in salads, soups or to accompany grilled meat, providing a very intense aroma with spicy nuances that give colour to the culinary recipes.

Rocalba Garden Cress Seeds info:

  • 3g seeds sachet
  • Aromatic plant very easy to cultivate
  • Up to 60cm tall
  • Planting frame 10cm x 10cm
  • Germination: Spring
  • Can be harvested until autumn, after 2 months of germination
  • Requires regular watering and good nutrients for the best results
  • Very intense spicy aroma

Properties of Rocalba Garden Cress

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