Spannabis 2018

The most important fair in the European cannabis sector - and the most visited cannabis event around the world - will be held this coming weekend at Fira de Cornellà, Barcelona. During 3 days, tens of thousands of professionals and visitors meet at Spannabis to know about the latest marijuana strains, nutrients, growing systems, smoking accessories, vaporisers, climate control units, lighting systems...Also, and following the trend of the past years, it'll pay special attention to one of the most widely used cannabinoids in the medical field - cannabidiol or CBD - as well as cannabis resin extracts and concentrates.

Alchimia Grow Shop at 2018 Spannabis

The party starts on Friday 9th of March. The XV edition of The Cannabis Fair (as Spannabis is also known) includes a new pavilion to host more exhibitors and increase the global surface of the fair, something necessary if we take into account the large number of professionals who want their space in this event. In this way, this year's edition will count with 22 new exhibitors for a total of 258 companies.

As could not be otherwise, Alchimia Grow Shop will be there sharing our booth with our brothers from Philosopher Seeds and Reggae Seeds. Fun and lots of laughs are ensured!  As always, we'll be in the central pavilion (booth 86), right in front of the restaurant. Also, and as every year, you'll be able to play with us and win lots of prizes like seeds, shirts, grinders, ashtrays, bags, and many more!

Alchimia's booth during last year's edition
Alchimia's booth during last year's edition

As many of you may already know, and apart from the commercial fair, Spannabis also includes two major cannabis-related events, the World Cannabis Conferences and Spannabis Champions Cup.

2018 World Cannabis Conferences

This event is one of the very few in Europe where you can meet experts and personalities from the medical marijuana field, most of them being Spaniards due to the increasing cannabis culture in this country. From doctors to scientists, politicians, activists or growers, they'll tell us about their experiences and points of view on two main issues: the social and political side and the scientific and therapeutical side.

This year's edition of the Conferences will be the 6th so far, and will be held on Saturday and Sunday at Auditori de Cornellà with the following schedule:

Friday, 9th March 2018

  • 12:30h: REMA - Mujeres Cannábicas: A-liadas (Cannabis Women). REMA present their new projects on activism, antiprohibitionism and feminism. With Garazi Rodriguez, Maite Paillet and Noemí Sánchez.
  • 13:30h: Cáñamo: Regreso al Futuro II (Hemp: Back to the future II). Round table focused on the possibilities of industrial hemp, one of the most ancient crops. With Eelkje van Oldenburger, Vaniek Colenbrander and Ana Rodríguez.
  • 15:30h: Opportunities, trends and perspectives. The boom of medical cannabis and legalisation in some areas of the planet opens new and exciting perspectives for this plant. With Chris Walsh, journalist, founder and current managing editor at Marijuana Bussines Daily.
  • 16:45h: ICBC - International Cannabis Business Conference. One year ago, Germany approved the use of medical cannabis. Michael Knodt will tell us more about the current situation in this country and its future for coming years.
  • 18:00h: Social regulation, persons and collectives. A brief history of the activism of cannabis social clubs and a look at the current legislation, with the case of Pannagh as example. With Hector Brotons, José Afuera and Andrés García.

Round table at the 2017 WCC
Round table at the 2017 WCC

Saturday, 10th March 2018

  • 12:30h: OECM - Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis. Carola Pérez, director of the Observatory will present their project on the different therapeutic uses of cannabis.
  • 13:00h: Treatment of refractary epilepsy. Dr. Mariano García de Palau (OECM) will explain the treatment of this disease with cannabinoids
  • 13:50h: Cannabinoids and neuroprotection. A study about long-term use of different drugs conducted by ICEERS will be presented. With Dr. José Carlos Bouso, Santi Martinez, Claudia Zangolini, Oscar Parés and Daniel Jiménez.
  • 17:00h: Medical regulation and laboratory testing. Cannabinoid testing and clinical pharmacology must go hand in hand to ensure a future for medical cannabis. With Dr. Magí Ferre, Jorge Soto and Marta de Luxán.
  • 18:30h: Natural cannabis. Therapies, rituals and science of the unknown. Science? Ritual? Magic? Since millenia, cannabis has been used by shamans and doctors along with other herbs in their potions and ointments. Furthermore, its psychotropic effect has been linked to other realities. With Virginia Montañés, Adriana Rodríguez and Olaya Alcantarilla.

World Cannabis Conferences at Auditori de Cornellà
World Cannabis Conferences at Auditori de Cornellà

Here you have more info about the World Cannabis Conferences.

2018 Spannabis Champions Cup

This is doubtless one of the most important competitions in Europe, with the best professionals of the sector competing with their strains and extracts. An excellent chance to decide your next strain to grow! For the first time, it also becomes a fundraising event, for part of the benefits of the competition will go to OECM for the study of medicinal cannabis.

As we mentioned, only seed companies, grow shops and cannabis clubs can enter this competition. Doubtless, their entries will be astounding since everyone wants to be one of the winners! These are the different categories:

  • Best Sativa strain
  • Best Indica strain
  • Best CBD strain
  • Best solvent extract
  • Best solventless concentrate

With three prizes for each category, each entry will be judged and lab tested. Thus, three more prizes will be awarded:

  • Highest THC content
  • Highest CBD content
  • Best purging (extracts)

Here you have more info about the Spannabis Champions Cup.

2018 Spannabis Awards

Besides these two events, Spannabis also organizes a competition among all exhibitors, where all visitors and professionals (as well as a specialized group of judges) can vote for:

  • Best seed bank
  • Best booth
  • Best nutrient
  • Best growing product
  • Best paraphernalia product
  • Best hemp product
  • Best vaping device (new category)

The results will be know on Sunday 19:30h at the outdoor stage.

2018 Spannabis concerts

One of the best things of Spannabis is its outdoor area. During the three days, you can take a walk, drink or eat something, breathe some fresh air and of course enjoy some live music, dj's and performances. This is the schedule:

Friday, 9th March

  • Ravid Goldschmidt
  • Toxic in Dub
    Xavier Jansana is Toxic in Dub: Downtempo, Reggae/Dub
  • El Loren
  • Olive Tree Dance
    100% Hi Energy Organic Dance Music

Music and performances at Spannabis
Music and performances at Spannabis

Saturday, 10th March

  • Mina’s Collective
  • Daddy Panda
    Groove, Soul, Afro Beat, Reggae, Dub, Jazz, Boogaloo, Hip Hop…
  • Warriors of Dub
    Roots, Dub, Steppas
  • Tetra Hydro K
  • Dub Engine

Sunday, 11th March

  • DJ Stonermanbrujo (Brujo Selektah)
  • Mapuxe Sound
  • Bainoo Di Lion
  • Karlixx
  • Dj Rambla

Spannabis at Fira de Cornellà
Spannabis at Fira de Cornellà

And, as already mentioned, the awards will be held at the central stage at 19:30h. See you there!

Also, remember to check our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more info...

See you guys at booth 86!

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