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Kenpyr de Prot-Eco

Prot-Eco Kenpyr is a set of plant extracts of cinerariaefolium Chrisantenum plant extracts (Pyrethrins) against pests such as thrips, caterpillars, aphids, mealybug, whitefly... It acts by contact on adults and larvae, it is not selective. The product don't leaves any residue and is highly biodegradable.

In case of a severe attack its possible to reduce the time between each application (7 days) although normal would be every 10/15 days.

Prot-eco Kenpyr is valid for growing marijuana on indoor, outdoor and greenhouses. You can apply up to 7 days in outdoor growing and 10 days on indoor and greenhouse growing's before the harvest. It is important to make the applications in low-light hours (photodegradable).

Dosage: Foliar 1-2 ml per litre of water

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Properties of Kenpyr de Prot-Eco

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