T.A pH+

Terra Aquatica pH+ - 1 L is used to raise the pH, it is very helpful for growers who use water that is demineralised or has passed through an osmosis filter. This new version contains silicate. The lack of silicate can be a disadvantage in hydropon [...]

  • 1L12.00€ 10.15€


HESI PH Plus is a product designed to raise the pH level of your nutrient solution if this falls below 5.5-6.5 (depending on development phase) It is made ??from potassium hydroxide 50%, should be dosed with caution, if necessary dropwise while with [...]

  • 1L14.46€ 10.80€

HESI pH Reducer - minus Bloom - 1 L

Concentrated salt solution to reduce the pH level of the water during the flowering period. HESI pH MINUS BLOOM 1 L does not harm the plants. 1 litre bottle. [...]

  • 16.03€ 12.80€

PH SE220 Probe for Milwaukee MW100

Here at alchimiaweb you can now find the SE220 replacement probe for the Milwaukee MW100 pH meter. A gel-filled pH double junction electrode with a BNC connector and 1m cable, ideal to perform pH readings easily and efficiently. The pH probes have a [...]

  • 60.00€

TRABE Citric acid - 1 L

Citric acid is a natural Ph corrector, and in addition to being used to control pH in nutrient solutions, it can also be used for cleaning ducts or water pipes. Lemon juice concentrate has a pH of 2.2 so that when you use it, supply small amounts. [...]

  • 10.00€

Replacement EC Probe for Milwaukee MC740/MC310 meter

The replacement EC probe for the Milwaukee MC310 or MC740 meter is the original Milwaukee spare piece. Two meters long cable designed to replace the electrode if the original is in poor condition or in case of breakage. In order to replace the old p [...]

  • 68.00€

Calibration solution pH - 7.01 - 230 ml

Ideal for calibrating digital pH meters that have a calibration point of 7.01. Immerse the meter probe into the calibration liquid and wait a few seconds, and the meter can be calibrated, ready for proper use. It is advisable to periodically calibra [...]

  • 230 ml12.50€

Calibration solution pH - 4.01 - 230 ml

Suitable for calibrating pH meters that have a calibration point of 4.01. Immerse the probe of the meter into the calibration liquid and wait a few seconds; you can then calibrate and mark a point on your PH meter. Calibration of these meters with [...]

  • 230 ml12.50€

Calibration solution EC - 1.413 - 230 ml

1.413 solution to calibrate your meter's digital EC comes in 230 ml containers, which guarantees you a supply of calibration fluid for some time. Get used to keeping these meters calibrated so as to ensure correct measurements of your nutrient solut [...]

  • 230 ml12.50€

PH probe storage solution - 230 ml

For proper maintenance of pH probes, between uses, the use of this storage solution which has been specially formulated for this purpose, is recommended. It extends the life of your meter's pH probe, keeping it clean and in proper condition for prec [...]

  • 12.50€

Calibration solution pH - 7.01 - 20 ml

Suitable for calibrating pH meters which have a calibration point of 7.01. Dip the probe into the sachet and wait a few seconds, and then you can calibrate and mark your point on the pH meter. A regular calibration of meters with these fluids is rec [...]

  • 1.99€

Calibration solution pH - 4.01 - 20 ml

About 20 ml of solution for calibrating pH meters. Meters that are used with a calibration point of 4.01, or in those using a two-point calibration system. Using it is as simple as opening the envelope and placing the meter on it then waiting a few [...]

  • 1.99€

Calibration solution EC - 1413 - 20 ml

Handy 20ml sachets of 1413 solution to calibrate your digital EC meter. Get used to maintaining these meters, as calibrated in this way you ensure an accurate EC measurement of your nutrient solution. You will always be able to give your plants the [...]

  • 1.99€

Replacement EC probe MI59P for Milwaukee Sharp EC59

The MI59P EC probe is the original spare part for the Milwaukee Sharp EC59 portable meter. You can replace the probe in case of breakage or end of service life and continue using the meter like new. When replacing the electrode always assure it is p [...]

  • 37.00€

Probe Cleaning solution

The Milwaukee probe cleaning solution is a liquid cleaner made exclusively for the maintenance of the electrodes on pH measuring devices. It's incredibly easy to use, simply open the sachet at the top, insert the probe to submerge it in the liquid, [...]

  • 20 ml1.99€

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