Rocalba Sweet Anise

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  • Protect the planet presents Rocalba Sweet Anise Seeds, an aromatic plant very simple to cultivate that is perfectly adapted both to cultivation in pots or planters and to direct sowing in open ground.

Rocalba Sweet Anise seeds, an aromatic plant very easy to cultivate

Sweet Anise or Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum) is native to the Middle East and belongs to the umbellifer family. It is an herbaceous plant with a semi-shrub structure. It develops white bouquets of flowers in umbels, offering an intense and delicate aroma, which is why it is highly appreciated both in confectionery and in liqueur production.

The seeds are germinated in late winter or in spring, ideally in a seedbed. However, they can also be cultivated directly in open ground at a maximum depth of 2cm and at a distance of 20-25cm between the plants. The first sprouts emerge after about 15 days.

It offers the best results if provided with a loose textured substrate, rich in organic matter and nutrients (worm humus, compost, guano or manure). It should be a substrate that allows the roots to develop in all directions, both deep and sideways.

Rocalba Sweet Anise seeds, perfect for desserts and infusions

This plant requires a minimum temperature of 15ºC, plenty of sunlight and protection from air currents in order to grow healthy and strong. It can develop a multitude of fleshy and aromatic leaves that can be harvested throughout the year, together with the fresh flowers.

It requires a constant but moderate water supply, to keep it hydrated but without waterlogging its roots. It is a perfect occasion to use an automatic irrigation system which is very useful, especially in very hot regions.

In summer the flowers turn grey and the seeds mature. This is the ideal time to collect them, drying well and storing them in airtight containers to preserve their delicate and intense aroma. The seeds can be used for infusions, in confectionery or to produce essential oils.

Rocalba Sweet Anise seeds info:

  • 8g seeds sachet
  • Medicinal plant very easy to cultivate
  • Up to 60cm high, semi-shrub
  • Planting frame 25cm x 25cm
  • Germination: Spring
  • The leaves can be harvested all year round, and the seeds in summer
  • Good resistance to fungi attacks
  • Requires regular watering and proper nutrition

Properties of Rocalba Sweet Anise

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