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Herbs, spices and condiments are products of vegetable origin used to flavour food and as natural remedies for ailments and diseases. They are most commonly found in the form of the seeds, bark or leaves of aromatic plants, which can be dried, ground, or used fresh.

In cooking they are used as flavour enhancers in countless food recipes. They are also used to prepare pickles or preserves. Spices and Condiments are used in all the various cuisines of the world.

The use of Spices and Condiments to elaborate traditional medicinal remedies is well known, among its many properties we can find digestive, carminative, anti-inflammatory, expectorant properties, they also have toning properties, and they help the immune system. They are taken as infusions with water, and ointments for wounds or stings can be prepared using extracts of their essential oils.

They are normally of relatively easy cultivation, and can be grown in the garden and greenhouse, or in pots and planters on balconies and terraces.

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Organic Poppy - Les Refardes

Papaver somniferum The Poppy is a plant cultivated for ornamental purposes and for its edible seeds, which are often used in confectionery. [...]

  • ± 160 seeds 3.75€

Clary Sage - Les Refardes

Salvia sclarea L Clary Sage is a biennial herbaceous plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family. It can reach 1m in size. It produces rough leaves [...]

  • ± 300 seeds 3.75€

Batlle Tarragon

Artemisia dracunculus Tarragon is an annual plant that grows up to 70 cm. It offers an intense aniseed aroma and it is used as a seasoning [...]

  • 0,7 g 1.50€

Batlle Organic Thyme

Thymus vulgaris Thyme is an aromatic shrub about 20-40 cm high, it is a very versatile plant in terms of applications. It is used as a [...]

  • 0,18 g 1.60€


Coriander is an aromatic plant widely used in gastronomy to elaborate an infinite number of dishes. It is used both dried and fresh. This aromatic [...]

  • 15g 1.50€

Dwarf Marseillaise Basil - Batlle

Dwarf Marseillaise Basil is an aromatic herb that is easy to grow. As a kitchen seasoning it is known for its pungent aroma and flavour [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.50€

Chive annual - Batlle

Chives are a non-bulb onion, a perennial herbaceous plant with a bulbous stem. They grow together to form thick clumps. It is a ve [...]

  • 3g 1.50€


Dill is an aromatic plant highly appreciated for its therapeutic and gastronomic properties. It is used in cooking to season fish and seafood stews, salads [...]

  • 10g 1.50€

Batlle Basil - Genoese Giant

The Genoese Giant Basil is an aromatic plant with broad leaves, very suitable for culinary seasoning in pasta, meat and fish dishes. Sowing takes place in [...]

  • 4g 1.50€


Marjoram is an herbaceous plant with oval, green leaves and clusters of small, pleasantly scented flowers. As an ornamental plant, it can be cultivated in the gard [...]

  • 2g 1.50€

White Mustard

White Mustard is an annual plant widely used in cooking. It is mostly used for its leaves and seeds. Leaves are added to salads, soups and vegetable dishes. Seeds [...]

  • 10 gr 1.50€

Common Oregano

Origanum vulgare Common Oregano is well-known for its use as a cooking seasoning in pasta dishes, pizzas and sauces. It is a perennial plant. It g [...]

  • 0,5 g 1.50€

Pot Marigold Gypsy Party - Batlle

Calendula officinalis Pot Marigold is a flowering plant with an annual cycle, rustic and easy to care for. Planted in groups in the garden it provides a nice colou [...]

  • 4 g 1.50€

Batlle Cumin

Cuminum cyminum Cumin is an herbaceous plant easy to cultivate, not demanding in terms of growing conditions, it only requires full sun exposure and spaced and mode [...]

  • 7 g 1.50€

Batlle Menta Spicata (Spearmint)

Mentha spicata Menta Spicata aka Spearmint is an aromatic plant well known for its fresh and intense aroma. It is used in cooking to [...]

  • 0,2 g 1.50€

Organic Oregano

Origanum vulgare Oregano is an herbaceous perennial plant with a strong aroma, growing as a small shrub up to 1m. As a cooking spice it is known f [...]

  • 0,1g 1.60€
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