Conscious Genetics, latest generation American hybrids

Finding a foothold in the American seed bank and breeder sector is really difficult, with hundreds of competitors trying to give the best of themselves (and their crops and genetics) day after day, and some of them with almost unlimited resources. For this reason, the fact that a bank with only 7 years of history (Conscious Genetics was born in 2016) gains a privileged position may be surprising, although it is not so when we look at their varieties.

Today we present a new addition to our catalog of seed companies, the American Conscious Genetics, which, as you will see, come with a series of top-level genetics with characteristics in terms of resin production and flavor and aroma absolutely spectacular. Let's see what they can offer you!

Conscious Genetics has become one of those seed banks that you should not lose track of
Conscious Genetics has become one of those seed banks that you should not lose track of

First steps of Conscious Genetics

The origin of this seed bank goes back 7 years, back in 2016, when they burst onto the market with a variety that surprised everyone who tried it, Conscious Kush V1. Quickly, this potent 4-way hybrid - {Guard Dawg x (Blue Cookies x Orange Diesel V3)} x Sunset Sherbert - became their flagship genetics, although they soon developed Conscious Kush V2, a cross between version 1 and Huckleberry Soda (Black Cherry Soda x Huckleberry Hound). However, this second version never entered the market in the form of seeds but was kept as a clone for the development of the current version, Conscious Kush V3 (which is a hybrid between Conscious Kush V2 and Sour Apple Runtz).

However, one of Conscious Genetics' biggest concerns is related to Purple genetics, which is often said to have less attractive terpene combinations. With the idea in mind to put this type of strain in the place it deserves, they contacted an American breeder specializing in these genetics, neither more nor less than Annunaki Genetics. Thanks to his help and excellent breeding work, today Conscious Genetics offers us a series of premium-quality varieties predominantly in purple, reddish, and pink tones, especially if we add an amazing resin production to the formula.

As you can see from the parents used in their varieties, at Conscious Genetics they highly value the traits offered by plants such as Pink Champagne (which stands out for its enormous production of top-quality flowers) or the aforementioned Sour Apple Runtz, used to develop her Conscious Kush V3 and known for producing glandular trichomes in a really exaggerated way. Let's take a look at some of their best-known hybrids below.

Conscious Genetics' Pink Mintz in full bloom is a spectacle like few others
Conscious Genetics' Pink Mintz in full bloom is a spectacle like few others

Conscious Genetics feminized seeds

Conscious Genetics offer you their varieties in the form of packages of 7 feminized seeds, with all the advantages that this entails for the majority of home-growers. In addition, with the current offer you have 6 more free seeds (3 from Red Kachina and 3 from Orange Runtz Cake), so it is really tempting to try one of their genetics. In addition, from what we have been able to see, we assure you that they will not disappoint you, after all, these are plants developed from some of the best cuts of America. We recommend the following:

Conscious Kush V3, the flagship variety of Conscious Genetics

As we have already seen, this genetic line is born from a cross of 4 plants (Guard Dawg, Blue Cookies, Orange Diesel V3, and Sunset Sherbert) that was later crossed with Huckleberry Soda for the second version or V2, and with Sour Apple Runtz for the third version, Conscious Kush V3. Although this plant enjoys excellent qualities in terms of flavor and aroma, resistance, or production, it is undoubtedly in relation to the production of trichomes and resin extractions of the best quality where it has gained fame throughout the American territory.

If you are a lover of the best quality resin extracts and concentrates, six stars extracts as they are called, you are undoubtedly interested in trying Conscious Kush V3, because you may find one of those plants that will accompany you on your adventures for years.

Conscious Kush V3 is a real spectacle to behold...and also to smell!
Conscious Kush V3 is a real spectacle to behold...and also to smell!

London Velvet Cake, power unleashed

This genetics is the result of crossing two of the parents preferred by the Conscious Genetics breeding team, Pink Champagne BX1 and Sour Apple Runtz. The result is a very high potency variety that first provides an intense uplifting sensation to give way to a deep sensation of relaxation after a while. In addition to its high THC content and its rapid flowering, another of the most outstanding and appreciated traits of this genetics is its delicious flavor, a mixture of creamy and musky notes that seem to melt on the palate.

In addition, and how could it be otherwise, as the flowering progresses, most specimens of London Velvet Cake will surprise you with beautiful violet colors in their flowers, quite a spectacle to delight your eyes.

Blue Kachina, gourmet taste and first-class appearance

Blue Kachina is the result of another breeding project carried out from Pink Champagne BX1 genetics, although this time crossed with a hybrid with some very special characteristics, Blue Zushi (Zkittlez x Kush Mints) from Team 10. The result is a variety with a marked Indica predominance that develops heavy and sticky flowers with pink and bluish hues, a true beauty. Although its yield is medium-high, it compensates the grower with exceptional sensations, as well as organoleptic qualities worthy of the best gourmets, with a complex mixture of gas, fruity and pine nuances.

In addition to these attractive properties, Blue Kachina grows quite vigorously, making it quite a versatile Indica that can be grown in many different environments with excellent results. A safe bet!

Blue Kachina flowers develop beautiful colorations...and lots of resin too
Blue Kachina flowers develop beautiful colorations...and lots of resin too

Pink Mintz, high production of buds and trichomes

Pink Mintz by Conscious Genetics is the result of crossing two previously bred plants as a BX or backcross, which always adds stability to the equation and offers more consistent results. In this case, we are talking about a hybrid between his Pink Champagne BX1 and Seed Junky's Animal Mintz BX1, two plants that stand out by themselves for their exuberant production of fragrant resin. Undoubtedly, one of the things that attract the most attention is its heavy buds, true rocks completely covered in a layer of shiny resin that stands out against the pink tones of the flowers.

Frozen Rosé, a bomb of trichomes

This strain was born with the intention of taking advantage of the aromas of Rosé, a variety that has become known for its curious combination of terpenes, which offers an intense smell reminiscent of red wine. To do this, they crossed their Sour Apple Runtz with Rosé, giving rise to a hybrid that stands out for its impressive ability to produce high-quality resin for extractions and, of course, a unique flavor and aroma, where the nuances of both parents blend into an unforgettable mix.

Like the rest of the Conscious Genetics varieties, Frozen Rosé has a high THC percentage, which can reach 30% with good growing conditions...You have been warned!

Frozen Rosé flowers contain a large amount of THC
Frozen Rosé flowers contain a large amount of THC

Orange Runtz Cake, perfect for selections

Finally, we want to highlight this hybrid between Orange Cheesecake and Sour Apple Runtz, which results in plants with showy colas of white buds with leaves of intense purple color, almost black in some cases. A real show! Broadly speaking, Orange Runtz Cake is a high-yielding strain both indoors and outdoors, with amazing production of flowers and resin, as well as having a very high THC content. We recommend this variety if you are looking to make a very special selection, as you will be able to find several phenotypes with really great combinations of traits.

You can see that the people at Conscious Genetics have things very clear and are always looking for solid results based on first-class genetics and with more than studied characteristics in terms of breeding and transmission of desirable traits. We encourage you to try any of them, we are sure that you will find some of your future favorite plants!

Happy harvest!

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