HY-PRO Hydro A+B 1L

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Without a doubt, part of the success of HY-PRO is based on its quality and ease of use.

The HY-PRO Hydro A + B 1L combines majestically all components for best assimilation by the marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems.

We emphasize that even the plants under some kind of stress, react optimally using HY-PRO Hydro A + B 1L. Once mixed in the nutrient tank, it doesn't alter the pH or the Ec levels of the mixture.

It dissolves perfectly, so that no pump is required for the fertiliser mixture.

Dosage: Mix 500 ml of A and 500 ml of B per 100 liters of water and control the Ec, depending on the growing stage of the plant.

Composition of HY-POR Hydro A + B:

Boron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Molybdenum water-thinnable

It also has trace elements

NPK Hydro A: 2 - 0-1
NPK Hydro B: 3 - 3-4

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