Cannaboom Raimil Basic

Cannaboom Raimil Basic
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Alchimia Grow Shop presents Raimil Basic by Cannaboom, an organic plant root stimulator developed to enhance the plant's root mass growth. It can be used outdoors, in a pot and in an indoor grow tent.

Cannaboom Raimil Basic, organic root booster based on amino acids

Raimil Basic is a liquid additive, a supplement to the base growth fertiliser that is used during the vegetative development stage. It can be applied up to the fourth flowering week, ensuring optimum root development.

Its formula promotes a continuous increase in the number of mother and secondary roots, ensuring that the roots develop thick, long, white and healthy. It also promotes rapid growth, ramifying abundantly and facilitating the assimilation of cannabis fertilisers by the plant.

When applied from the first week of vegetative growth, the plants develop a great number of strong and quality roots. This results in the plant settling down perfectly and nourishing in an optimal and strong way, growing healthy, vigorous, strong, ramified and with no deficiencies.

Cannaboom Raimil Basic, more vigorous plants with longer, healthy and strong roots

The plant attains the flowering stage with a larger size and more energy, resulting in considerably more sprouts and a much more abundant flower harvest, these being bigger and heavier.

This product can be used on all substrates such as soil, coconut fibre or hydroponics. It can also be used in ebb and flow, drip, DWC, NFT, aeroponics and other cultivation systems, offering good results in flood irrigation systems.

It contains free amino acids at a rate of 4.28% w/w, 4.43% w/v, with 1.02 g/cc density and a pH of 4.73. It must be used with a dosage of 1.5ml/l of water in soil, and a dosage of 0.8ml/l of water in coconut crops or in hydroponic systems.

Cannaboom Raimil Basic info:

  • Organic root booster
  • Promotes rapid and healthy root development
  • Encourages plants to grow and flower stronger
  • Based on free amino acids (4.28% w/w, 4.43% w/v)
  • Density: 1.02 g/cc
  • PH: 4.73
  • Soil dosage: 1.5ml/l
  • Hydroponic dosage: 0.8ml/l

Properties of Cannaboom Raimil Basic

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