2016 Cannabis Cup THC Valencia

The sixth edition of the prestigious Cannabis Cup THC Valencia took place on Saturday, 30th of January 2016 in the Valencian capital from 11 a.m. to 23 p.m. This competition, organized by the cannabis users association THC Valencia, has increasingly gained popularity with each edition, becoming a reference in Spain and Europe thanks to the good vibes, number of visitors (more than 600) and the quality of the samples, which were divided into 4 categories: Indoor, Outdoor, Hashish and BHO.

2016 Cannabis Cup THC Valencia
2016 Cannabis Cup THC Valencia

As happened on the last edition, the event was celebrated in the legendary Valencian club Spook Factory, located on the outskirts of the city (Pinedo). The place was crowded with cannabis lovers, who could spend a wonderful sunny day enjoying the different commercial booths, food stalls, live music concerts, speeches and, of course, the most important moment of the event, the awards ceremony.

We could enjoy music concerts all day long from artists like Laura Iron VLC Dancehall Class, Dj Henge, Unknow People, Fyah Booyaca, Lost Ngros, Kinki Bwoy, Suppamasta S.S, Mala Fé, Sweet Sound, Ghettoblaster, L`orta Crew, Almighty Dread, Munfayah SS, BlakMamba, Chocolatta, Mapuse SS, Toc-One, Dj Olivier, Ital Erik and El Bola.

2016 THC Valencia cup
Good vibes and a splendid day at 2016 THC Valencia cup

As we already mentioned, we could also attend a number of speeches with the following speakers:

  • Brotsanbert Estudio Jurídico (Lawyers) ? Pannagh sentence
  • Dr Garcia Palau, Kalapa Clinic (Doctor) ? Therapeutical use of cannabis
  • Fernanda de la Figuera (Activist) ? 40 years creating his own medicine
  • Miguel Gimeno (organic growing expert) ? Genetics and tasting
  • Dr Feis (Oil Hunters) ? New extraction methods
  • Alessandro Oria (asonnabis) ?  Moderator

The event was covered by different cannabis media such as WeedMaps, Soft Secrets,  Marihuana Tv, UnderGrow Tv or Portal Cannabis.

The submitted samples were divided into 4 categories: Indoor, Outdoor, Hashish and BHO. Also, in this edition all samples were divided according to their source: associations/clubs, grow shops and seed banks. With 240 samples of great quality, this cup is becoming one of the most important cannabis events in Europe, so all competitors submit their best flowers and resin concentrates to fight for the victory, which in turn makes the Cup to become more and more prestigious.

Judges rating the different samples
Judges rating the different samples

2016 Cannabis Cup THC Valencia results

Here you have the complete list of awards of the 2016 Cannabis Cup THC Valencia. Congratulations to the winners, nice job mates!

Seed Banks category:


  • First prize: Yuzu from Choko Seeds
  • Second prize: OG Kush from Gourmet Seeds
  • Third prize: Gipsy Widow from Exotic Seeds


  • First prize: Strawberry Mist de Old School Genetics Collective
  • Second prize: ISS de Jardala Seeds
  • Third prize: OG Kush de Gourmet Seeds


  • First prize: Sour Fire Lost fresh frozen from Old School Genetics Collective
  • Second prize: BEL from Manoverde Seeds
  • Third prize: Green Bay from Manoverde Seeds


  • First prize: Tangie Auto from Blimburn Seeds
  • Second prize: White beethoven The Spanish South Mountain
  • Third prize: Muestra#2 from Genofarm

Sour Fire Lost from OSG Collective
Sour Fire Lost from OSG Collective, Best hash, seed bank category

Grow Shops category:



  • First prize: Dance Hall from El Bruixot
  • Second prize: Mandarine Bud from Tierra Madre
  • Third prize: Cream Caramel from THC Caravaca


  • First prize: Cannatonic from Grow Castellet
  • Second prize: OG Kush from Sant Yerbasi
  • Third prize: Mandarine hash from Tierra Madre


  • First prize: SFV OG Kush from Sant Yerbasi
  • Second prize: Jack Herer from Mas que plantas
  • Third prize: Ripper Haze from Dr.Feis

Associations/Clubs category:


  • First prize: White OG from Agruk
  • Second prize: Sagan Delight from We Flowers
  • Third prize: Acid from Greenardó


  • First prize: Cheesecake from Fr J
  • Second prize: Holy Grail Kush from We Flowers
  • Third prize: Juan Herer from Rk THC


  • First prize: Glaze Cherry from HQ BCN
  • Second prize: Black Domina x Critical from Rk THC
  • Third prize: Somango x Neville's Haze from Choko


  • First prize: White Widow from Greenardó
  • Second prize: Green Poison from THC Caravaca
  • Third prize: Ed Rosenthal from Green Lemon

Do not miss the next edition of this important event and enjoy all the activities, meals, speeches, performances and good vibes which make this cup a true must for any marijuana lover. See you in Valencia next year!

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