710: The Dab Day

Marijuana concentrates fever


Flikr – Andres Rodriguez – BHO

Cannabis oil – a highly concentrated and pure marijuana resin extraction – has gained lots of popularity lately, especially in the USA and from there to Europe and the rest of the world.

This type of cannabis extract stands out for its diverse colours and textures, but mainly because of the lack of green material. Colours range from almost white to amber, while texture can be extremely oily and waxy or solid like small crystals.


Flickr – Andres Rodriguez – Budder

Due to its high purity, these oils reach very high cannabinoid contents , what helps medicinal users to quickly and effectively relieve their pains and improve their health while pleasing recreational users, who can experience a true psychoactive experience.

Step by step, as better information reached the community, a true movement dedicated to extractions and glass pipes started, opening a new industry and allowing us to enjoy top grade homemade concentrates .


Flickr – Andres Rodriguez – Shatter

Origins and meaning of 710

If we read 710 upside down, it spells “OIL“, a popular acronym for dabs. According to several virtual publications, the first person who ever used this term was rapper Taskrok – from Task and Linus – also know for dedicating a song to BHO, “Boil the oil”, showing their passion for cannabis resin concentrates.

In this way, both at 7:10 each day and on 10th July, people celebrate their love for BHO by smoking resins and enjoying their wonderful properties, similar to what happens with 420.

In Alchimia we love BHO, so we want to celebrate this special date with you by sharing our passion, offering you special discounts in products related to BHO during this special date, the 10th of July.

Enjoy your best extracts with us, and happy 710!

July 9, 2015 | News and Events
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