Lemon Curd with Amnesia BHO Live Resin

Lemon curd is a fast and easy to prepare recipe, a delicious lemon cream ideal to fill cakes, cupcakes or to use just as decoration. On this occasion, we'll show you how to cook your own version, of course enriched with cannabinoids thanks to the cannabis butter used to prepare it.

Ingredients to prepare Lemon Curd
Necessary ingredients to prepare Lemon Curd

Super Lemon Curd: Lemon cream and cannabis resin

To prepare your super lemon curd you'll need some cannabis butter, which you can easily cook by following the instructions on the link. In this case, we'll use butter enriched with BHO (Amnesia Live Resin. We chose this strain - rich in limonene - to combine it with the citrus taste of the cream).

How to make marijuana butter

One of the best ways to consume marijuana and benefit from its full potential is through the making of marijuana butter. Pay special attention to the dose, as the effect of marijuana in food is very different to when smoked. You should start with very small doses and gradually increase them depending on the needs of each person.

Once cooked, allow your marijuana butter to cool in the fridge and get everything ready to prepare the lemon curd. You'll need (for 2 people):

  • 50g of powdered sugar
  • 1 egg
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 50g of butter (we'll use 2g of BHO butter and 48g of regular butter, see final note)

Beat the icing sugar and the lemon juice in a small bowl until getting a uniform mixture. Allow to cool for a few minutes and then add the cold butter and the egg. Cook the mixture over a low heat and stir constantly until it thickens.

Once cooked, simply pour the mixture into a glass or jar and allow to cool. You're done!

Cannabis Lemon Curd
Cannabis Lemon Curd

Using BHO for cooking?

Due to its purity and high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, and when made properly, BHO is one of the best concentrates that you can find. Generally, it is dabbed in hot nails or bangers to better appreciate its spectacular scent and taste.

BHO is also better than buds or trim when it comes to making cannabis butter: you don't need to handle large amounts of weed or boiling water, there's no need to squeeze the green material and your butter will contain no impurities like chlorophyl at all. Furthermore, BHO is more easily dosed than green material.

If you're using other concentrates like Shatter, Rosin or Live Resin, you'll need to decarb your extract prior to using it for your recipe. This means that you'll be able to enjoy their effects by eating it, since raw cannabis won't cause any effect. To decarb your extract, simply put it on a silicone pad and bake it in your oven for 20 minutes at around 90ºC (195ºF). Try to place the silicone pad in a deep dish since your extract will become much more liquid as it's heated. You don't want to waste a single drop!

After the decarbing process is complete, you can mix your extract with some butter or coconut oil (basically, any fatty food). Just heat the oil/butter (you don't want it to boil) and then mix it with your decarbed extract until you get a uniform mixture.

Lemon Curd rich in cannabinoids
Lemon Curd rich in cannabinoids

About how to dose BHO

Of course, each user has his or her own preferences, but normally you'll use around 50mg of BHO per serving. This means you should prepare your butter with 5g of decarbed BHO for each 100g of butter. You now have your "magic butter" ready. Once you start cooking any cannabis recipe, keep in mind to use just 1g of this butter per person (use regular, non-psychoactive butter if you need more for your recipe). In other words: use just one gram of your magic butter per person whatever you're cooking and use regular butter if you need more. In this case, and since the recipe is for 2 people, we'll need 2g of BHO butter and 48g of regular butter.

The effects of ingested marijuana last much longer and also take longer to appear than smoked or vaped cannabis, so it's better to eat a small piece and wait for about an hour to check if you want a more potent effect.

Lastly, also remember to keep cannabis edibles out the reach of children, pets or persons who might think they're "normal" sweets or foods. Proper labelling or using a cannabis leaf as decoration can avoid bad experiences!


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