FUM XL Electronic cellar to cure and store cannabis

Cannabis legalisation, as well as the appearance of cannabis social clubs in countries like Spain, has allowed the marijuana industry to take a giant step during the past years. Tens of new products intended for professionals appear on the market every day, as is the case of the FUM XL electronic cellar, which is doubtless one of the most professional ways to cure and store cannabis buds and extracts.

As we'll see in this article, this electronic humidor allows you to set the ideal conditions for curing and storing your favourite dried herbs or resin concentrates. This represents a step forward for professionals who want to offer customers a quality product, handled in the best possible way to ensure that its psichoactive, medicinal and organoleptic properties remain intact.

Upper front part with the digital display
Upper front part with digital temperature and humidity display

FUM XL electronic cellar to cure and store cannabis

With modern and stylish design, these humidors measure 124cm in height, 61cm wide and 58cm depth, with a total volume of 191 litres. Thanks to its dimensions, it has a capacity of 2kg of dried buds, which will be properly cured thanks to the temperature and humidity controller. It is then suitable for both outdoor farmers (who normally grow larger amounts than indoor growers but just once a year) and clubs or dispensaries, although - of course - it'll also delight conoisseur indoor growers.

The temperature can be set by the user thanks to the front digital display, between 5 and 22ºC. The efficient refrigeration compression system (220v) will keep the set temperature constant inside the cellar, without fulcuations or "hot/cold pockets".

Interior of one of the okume trays
Interior of one of the okume trays

It also features a small water reservoir with a fan, which helps to keep humidity at optimal levels. As we know, temperature and RH are crucial factors when drying and curing cannabis buds, which can be ruined if these factors are not correct. For this reason, these humidors are especially useful if you want to keep the properties of your product as intact as possible. Both temperature and humidity can be set by the user with the front panel or with the included remote control.

The interior of the cellar is divided into 5 removable compartments made of okume wood, a low-porosity material which does not retain/release any odour. This is particularly important to keep the smell and taste of the buds, and very useful if you want to store different cannabis strains in the same cellar.  4 of these trays have a capacity of 500g and wooden cover, with a 135 micron mesh at the bottom to facilitate a more uniform curing process and to sieve the trichome heads that may be released during handling. The fifth tray is used to show customers the available products (table service) and/or for general storage.

FUM XL Electronic humidor
FUM XL Electronic cellar

FUM XL electronic cellars come with a front key lock system, which ensures that only you can access its content (something very important if the cellar is not placed out of reach of children or if it's in public spaces like clubs or dispensaries). The security glass with UV protection is mounted on a stainless steel frame, while a number of green LEDs illuminate the interior of the cellar without damaging the buds.

As you can see, these cellars have been made by professionals for professionals, and have become one of the best options to cure and store your most valued buds and resin extracts, especially thanks to its digital temperature and humidity control.

FUM XL Electronic cellar remote control
You can set the temperature and RH level with the remote control

FUM XL electronic cellar info:

  • Dimensions: 58 x 61 x 124 cm
  • 4 compartments: 450 x 360 x 90 mm
  • 1 compartment: 470 x 275 x 90 mm
  • Volume: 191 litres
  • Temperature range: 5 - 22ºC (adjustable)
  • Recommended temperature: 18- 20ºC
  • Humidity range: 45-75% (adjustable)
  • Recommended humidity: 50-60%
  • Key lock system
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Boxes and trays made of okume wood
  • 135 micron mesh
  • Safety glass, UV-proof
  • Refrigeration system: Zanussi compressor, R600A refrigerant
  • Remote control
  • 220v

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Psillyrabbit 2023-01-31
Looking To buy a fXL electronic cellar but there is no info to buy.

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2023-02-14
Hi Psillyrabbit, Unfortunately, this product is currently discontinued, we apologize for the inconvenience. Best!

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