Eli by R-Kiem Seeds, a fast and productive Sativa

When we talk about Sativa strains, there is a name that comes to mind almost immediately: Jack Herer. This genetics is doubtless one of the most renowned and sought-after cannabis hybrids around the world, winner of countless awards and a true classic in Amsterdam coffee shops. Obviously, it has been used to develop many other new strains, as the spectacular Rosetta Stone, one of the parents of the strain we'll see today.

In this occasion we'll know more about one of te best Sativas of Spanish seed bank R-Kiem Seeds, Eli, a variety which comes from the cross between the aforementioned Rosetta Stone and a pure African landrace kept by the guys at R-Kiem, Sawla Ghana.

R-Kiem Seeds is gurantee of quality
R-Kiem Seeds is gurantee of quality

Genetics of Eli by R-Kiem Seeds

Rosetta Stone - the male parent used to create Eli - comes from a hybrid developed in the late 90s by Brothers Grimm Seeds, a cross between Ginger-Ale and the famous White Widow. On its part, Ginger-Ale is basically composed of Jack Herer genes (Cafe Girl, Cinderella and Princess). Thus, Rosetta Stone stands out for her unique woody scent - with awesome turpentine and sawdust notes - and intense and balanced effect. Her growth pattern is more compact than most Sativas, developing a prominent main stem where bud production is focused. Her high resistance to pests is legendary among indoor growers!

On the other hand, and as female parent, we have a plant which R-Kiem have used to develop another variety, Negra 44. We're talking about a pure Sativa from the Sawla district, in Ghana. Brought to Spain by a friend of Angel - founder of R-Kiem Seeds - is was selected and stabilized indoors in order to find individuals easily adaptable to this environment, which happened in the second generation or F2. The best plant is the one they use to produce their Negra 44 and Eli seeds.

Eli develops beautiful colours that contrast with the white layer of resin glands
Eli develops beautiful colours that contrast with the white layer of resin glands

In this way, the F2 Ghana and Rosseta Stone were used to create a first filial generation (F1); then, a few specimens of each generation were backcrossed with the original parent until the third generation or BX3. Once here, the best BX3 individuals were then inbred for two more generations, when an outstanding plant was found. The process of endogamic reproduction (via feminisation) could begin, which resulted in Eli, a strain they introduced in 2017.

As a result of this intensive and prolonged breeding project, Eli is a versatile Sativa with high yields and relatively short flowering period, especially when her genetics and main characteristics are taken into account. Let's see now how she performs in the grow room!

Cultivation of Eli by R-Kiem Seeds

Most phenotypes of Eli grow vigorous, a trait probably inherited from the African parent. This make her suitable for all types of cultivation techniques and environments, either indoors or outdoors and for both SOG and SCROG setups. She develops robust branches which can support the weight of the buds without problems. R-Kiem Seeds recommends a growth period of around 2 weeks before switching to bloom.

The thick layer of trichomes developed by Eli produces top grade resin extracts
The thick layer of trichomes developed by Eli produces top grade resin extracts

Eli is also a very easy to grow strain. She is especially appreciated by both indoor growers (due to her high resistance to spider mites) and greenhouse growers, since the African genes provide her with awesome mould resistance. It is then ideal for beginners, being also a quite fast Sativa (9 weeks indoors, early October outdoors).

Production of buds is abundant, easily reaching a gram per watt ratio in indoor cultivation and with optimal growing conditions, while the thick layer of resin glands delights lovers of cannabis extracts. Bear in mind that the smell of the plants during the flowering cycle may bee too intense, so using smell control systems is highly recommended.

Awards won by Eli from R-Kiem Seeds

  • 1st prize Outdoor, 2014 ACMF Burgos
  • 1st prize Outdoor, 2015 ACMF Burgos

Eli by R-Kiem Seeds info:

  • Genetics: Ghana (Sawla) x Rosetta Stone
  • Type: Feminised seeds
  • Mostly Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: early October
  • Indoor yield: up to 600g/m2
  • Outdoor yield: 600-800g/plant

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Y-me Cocoon 2023-10-31
What is this seed is a system for the human brain.


teklemariam 2023-05-17
45 days into flowering .... even the big leaves have trichomes...i am impressed , i ve been growing since 2003...the scent reminds me of the famous jack herer ....Q: how do i send you pics and videos ?? ....thanks to alchimia team ...A+

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2023-05-30
Hi mate! So glad to hear that!! You can send us pics to info@alchimiaweb.com, can't wait to see your ladies are doing! Best! ;)


teklemariam 2023-05-04
there is 2 different phenos , one flowers faster than the other , although, both phenos have the same candy scent .... i train them , the fastest pheno is the hardest to clone , but the other pheno cloned and trained vigourously .... it is not ripe yet .... i ll write on this soon , thanks to alchimia team ! (foxseeds gwada)

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2023-05-09
Hi mate! Thanks a lot for your report, can't wait to see what comes out from these ladies! ;) Best!

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