Negra 44 by R-Kiem Seeds, an Indica with African origins

In this article we’ll tell you more about one of the feminised strains in R-Kiem Seeds catalogue, Negra 44. As you may know, this Spanish cannabis seed company is known for the high quality of their strains, with a relatively short but solid catalogue, thanks to which they’ve been awarded in many occasions in different major cannabis events.

Furthermore, the guys at R-Kiem are also famous for the high quality of the resin extracts and concentrates produced by their varieties, something increasingly important nowadays. Let’s take a look now at the main characteristics of Negra 44, a versatile, mostly Indica hybrid with early flowering and excellent smell and taste.

Negra 44 produces excellent and tasty hash

Negra 44 produces excellent and tasty hash

Genetics of Negra 44

The breeding behind Negra 44  is absolutely amazing. The female parent use to develop it is a pure landrace from the Sawla district, in Ghana. This area is located northwest of this beautiful cuntry, right between the Mole National Park and the Ivory Coast border. Thanks to a friend who used to travel there to work in solidarity projects, Angel (founder of the company) could get his hands on some seeds from the Sawla area, from which he found an excellent plant with intense citric and floral scent.

On the other hand, the male parent used was selected by Angel himself from 3 packs of Top 44 seeds purchased in Amsterdam during one of his many trips to the then European capital of cannabis. Top 44 is a Skunk x Viking hybrid known for its fast flowering and abundant production of buds, which is normally focused  on the main stem and is ideal for the SOG technique. After popping all his seeds, he kept a very compact and fast plant with astounding resin and bud production, which represented the standard of the variety and even overcame it in some traits.

As a result from crossing these two own selections Negra 44 was born, combining the growth pattern, production and early flowering of Top 44 – which was used as male – with the sweet and spicy scent of the African genetics, which also offers her stimulating and cheerful effect.

Negra 44 acquires beautiful dark hues during the bloom stage

Negra 44 acquires beautiful dark hues during the bloom stage

Cultivation of Negra 44

Negra 44 grows compact and robust, similar to the Top 44 parent, with short/medium internodal spacing and a growth pattern ideal for the SOG method. Indeed, Angel looked for “one bud” plants when he was selecting the Ghana parent, with a prominent main stem where most buds are formed.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, she only needs 8 weeks to complete the bloom cycle with artificial lighting, being ready to harvest by late September if grown outdoors. It is, whithout a doubt, an ideal genetics to obtain abundant harvests in just 2 months!

Her particular dark green colour, along with the high amount of fat trichomes and pistillate hairs produced, give her buds an excellent bag appeal, with a thick, white layer of resin glands that contrasts with the dark buds. As you can see in the pics, Negra 44 produces resin extracts of awesome quality.

Negra 44 by R-Kiem Seeds: production, quality and early flowering

Negra 44 by R-Kiem Seeds: production, quality and early flowering

Yields are high, easily reaching 500g/m2 indoors (with optimal growing conditions). She is also a very good producer when grown outdoors, especially in Mediterranean climates, where she’s been bred and adapted. Her relatively airy buds are highly resistan to moulds like botrytis, something crucial if you want to harvest successfully in certain areas.

The scent and taste of Negra 44 is complex, a true delight for connoisseurs. It subtly combines sweet and spicy notes with bitter undertones, a unique and delicious blend which is hard to forget. The effect is also particular, relaxing both body and mind and leaving you in a state of cheerful calm, ideal to chill with friends or enjoy some music or movies.

R-Kiem Seeds Negra 44 info:

  • Genetics: Ghana (Sawla district) x Top 44
  • Type: Feminised seeds
  • Mostly Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: late September
  • Yield: High

Awards won by Negra 44 from R-Kiem Seeds

  • 1st BHO category, 2014 Cannaval Tenerife
  • 2nd HASH category, 2014 Badalona-Cannabiscup Barcelona
  • 2nd INDICA category, 2014 Social Clubs Cannabiscup Barcelona
  • 2nd BHO category, 2014 Secret Cup Canarias Tenerife
  • 3rd SOLVENTLESS category, 2015 ACMF Burgos
  • 3rd WEED category, 2015 Canna-Olimpiadas Barcelona
  • 1st HASH category, 2015 Canna-Olimpiadas Barcelona
  • 2nd HASH category, 2015 Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup Barcelona
  • 3rd WEED (Seed banks) category, 2016 Canna-Olimpiadas Barcelona
Negra 44 shatter

Negra 44 shatter



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