Introduction to Mosca Seeds

Mosca seeds is a cannabis seed bank originating from the USA that only works with regular genetics, using males and females in the “Old School” way, and demonstrating to the world that there’ll always be a place for regular seeds.

These regular seeds are meticulously worked over time to ensure stability in all crosses, maintaining the best characteristics of their ancestors while improving quality with every generation.

Mosca Seeds logo

Mosca Seeds logo

Mosca Seeds genetic library

In the hybrids produced by the breeders at Mosca Seeds we will find not only current strains – such as the world famous Gorilla Glue, crossed with other high quality strains across the genetic spectrum – but also legendary strains that have stood the test of time and continue to shine in the international cannabis market, such as Old Time Moonshine, a cultivar that in its day gave so much joy to the growers who were able to cultivate and smoke it.

Indiana Bubblegum

Another pillar of Mosca’s genetic library is the highly regarded Original Indiana Bubblegum, one of the most reputed clones in the USA and one that has been around for decades in both the American and European cannabis markets

This strain stands out for being an easy cannabis plant to grow, being very fast to flower and with a huge capacity for resin production that means its buds will be coated in trichomes, making this variety an excellent choice for making resin extractions of all kinds.

Indiana bubblegum courtesy of ICMAG user Weird

Indiana bubblegum grown by ICMAG user Weird

It’s worth noting that this characteristic is readily passed on to its direct descendants, meaning that the strains resulting from this cross have this same heavy resin production and initially give a powerful and psychedelic effect that becomes more relaxing and pleasant as time passes.

Blue Fin

Blue Fin from Mosca Seeds, belongs to the Blue genetic family, due to one of its parents being the previously mentioned Old Time Moonshine. The other parental plant is C99 or Cinderella 99, originating from the ever popular classic Jack Herer.

This plant is a delicacy for those lovers of these legendary varieties who’d like to see what happens with this combination of the best qualities of these two legends. Potency, flavour, effect, ease of growth and high yields guaranteed every time.

Mosca Seeds variety Blue Fin

Blue Fin by Mosca Seeds


Ripple from Mosca Seeds is a strain that brings together the mythical Stinky Le Pew – a selection of Super Skunk – and the unsurpassed Old Time Moonshine, giving rise to a new hybrid plant that will leave nobody indifferent once they’ve tasted it. Displaying vigorous, well-branched growth, fast flowering and good production, it provides the consumer with a good dose of psychedelia, which as the effect progresses becomes more Indica and relaxing, leaving users on the floor, but with a big happy smile!

Mosca Seeds strain Ripple

Ripple from Mosca Seeds

Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana de Mosca Seeds is without a doubt one of this US seed bank’s most productive varieties, with the greatest capacity to fill your grow room with truly enormous buds, and really stands out from the crowd for its very heavy yields.

Apart from this important characteristic, it should be noted that its flavour and aroma of wild fruit notes with touches of moss on a sweet background makes this a very complete plant in every way. Added to this is the rapid flowering time of just 9 weeks, and we see that Blue Iguana is, without any doubt, an excellent plant for growers who, aside from seeking high quality, also want a heavy yield, either indoors or outdoors.

Blue Iguana from Mosca Seeds

Blue Iguana from Mosca Seeds

Raspberry Boogie from Mosca Seeds

Raspberry Boogie is a strain of medicinal nature with very high levels of THC/CBD, close to a ratio of 1:1. Many of the plants reach THC levels of 25%, meaning their medicinal use is a great option for many of those who require cannabis to alleviate their ailments.

As far as its cultivation goes, it’s an easy to grow and highly productive plant that adapts well to all growing techniques and cropping systems, delivering harvests of big buds full of resin. The smells and flavours evoked by its flowers evoke are a mixture of fruits with piney notes that give it a great bouquet.

Raspberry Boogie

Mosca Seeds Raspberry Boogie

Because of its tendency to grow very large, dense buds, it is advisable to plant in areas with low relative humidity if we want to prevent the appearance of mould inside the flowers. We should also mention here its rapid flowering, needing only 8 weeks to get a heavy harvest of big, solid and voluptuous buds.

Mosca Seeds have many other high quality genetics for you to discover. Do not hesitate to give them a try, because quality, potency, flavour and production are the defining characteristics present in all their work!

Happy planting!

February 2, 2018 | Alchimia Grow Shop News

5 comments on “Introduction to Mosca Seeds

  1. Sonny boy

    I’m looking for the best to grow in Indiana would this be it

    1. Tim Alchimia Post author

      Hi Sonny, I’m not sure on the Indiana climate, so personally I don’t know. The Indiana Bubblegum is named that way because it originates from there, but I don’t know if it was developed outdoors or indoors. To find the best varieties for your area, it’s always best to ask experienced local growers fro their advice, nobody will be able to advise you better than an old dude who’s been growing in your area for years! Good luck and happy growing!

  2. Charles young

    I bought a packet of 10 Raspberry Boogies on the 24th of Jan 2018. Out of the 10 seeds that I tried to germinate only 6 actually made a taproot. Out of those 6 all made it to less than a cm in height before the leaves wilted. Used phd RO water in coco and heat pad set to 75-78. I can send you pictures. Ironically, I germinated all of the distributors sample seeds (not mosca) gave as gifts and all made it into veg. I used a plant sex test on the raspberry boogies the day they started to show signs of wilting and All but one turned out to be males. Such luck. I usually never ask for returns with seeds because I have high success normally but I’m actually growing this 30 thc/30cbd strain for my mother in law who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain. In lieu of making this a sob story, I just want to see if there is anything you can do to help out with a partial compensation for a customer in terrible straits.

    1. Tim Alchimia Post author

      Hi Charles, we’re sorry to hear about your bad experience. Please retain the original seed packaging and write to us at with all the info you can provide and we’ll see what can be done. Thanks!

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