The PAX 2 Vaporizer

Pax 2, the best portable vaporizer of the world

Alchimia Grow Shop is happy to present you the best designed portable herb vaporizer on the market, the Pax 2.

This device has been created in San Francisco by Pax Labs Inc., a company that made its debut on the market with the Pax vaporizer and that offers very functional and intuitive products with very sober and elegant design, which makes it stand out over the others.

Pax 2 and accessories
Pax 2 and its accessories

A touch of innovation gives these vaporizers an almost magic finish, since both the Pax and the PAX 2 vaporizer have superior features and offer a tasty, aromatic, simple and very enjoyable vaping experience.

The success of the original Pax has led the company to manufacture its successor, a complete, upgraded redesign of the original vaporizer. The size has been reduced by 25%, and it weighs 10% less (90g) than its predecessor.

Pax 2

We can observe improvements in the bowl - which is now 20% deeper, thus increasing its capacity - the lifespan of the battery - which now is a 30% longer thanks to optimizing energy consumption to the maximum by reducing the temperature when you aren’t using the device.

The mouthpiece has also been redesigned. While it was retractable on the first model, the new mouthpiece is now made of silicone, removable, and without any mechanisms that make its cleaning harder.

As we can see, we are talking about a very complete vaporizer which has its origin on the original Pax, offering users a modern device with a sublime finish and performance to suit their needs.

Features of Pax2

The bowl of Pax2
The heating chamber of Pax2

The Pax 2 vaporizer features a modern design thanks to its one-piece oval shaped housing made of anodized aluminum with brushed finish.

Its slender design is rounded out with 4 LED’s, which are used to show the battery level, select the temperature, show the current temperature and to delight you with its "Party Mode” (turn it 3 times horizontally).

The silicone mouthpiece is on the upper part of the device and can be separated from the vaporizer with ease, simply by pulling it out. The mouthpiece has a pressure sensor which detects when your lips come in contact with it and optimizes the functioning of the heating chamber, thus providing consistent steam puffs.

You will find two different mouthpieces in the packaging-box to choose according to your preferences: a flat one - with a small slit to inhale - and a conic one.

Available Mouthpieces of Pax2
Available Mouthpieces for the Pax2

At the lower part of this cannabis vaporizer we find the heating chamber with a small lid attached by neodymium magnets, which ensures tight closure when we are carrying the Pax2.

Press on one side of the lid to remove it easily and access the heating chamber, which can be filled with the amount of grass that you would use for a joint.

With regard to its autonomy, it lasts for 5-10 sessions, always depending on the set temperature. The battery recharges in 3 hours through USB or AC wall adapter, also using the included magnetic dock station.

Docking station baterry charger for Pax 2
Dock station battery charger for Pax 2

Regarding the temperature of vaporization of cannabinoids, the device has 4 options to choose from, offering a wide range of possibilities to the user.

The temperature position 1 is approximately 180ºC, cooling down to 155ºC after reaching it but raising to 195ºC temporarily while we inhale thanks to the sensor in the mouthpiece.

The temperature position 2 is 195ºC, offering good quality and quantity of vapor in each "puff" with a very good taste.

The position 3 is 215ºC, ideal for lovers of dense steam and with more cannabidiol (CBD) content, and the 4 position is slightly over 220ºC, at the limit of combustion.

We recommend using position 1 or 2 to get the best results with cannabis.

When you leave the vaporizer on a table, the temperature will automatically cool down to 155ºC, since its accelerometer - another of its key points - detects that you aren’t using it and thus cools down the temperature to save battery and weed, keeping it warm until the next inhalation.

How does the Pax2 vaporizer work?

Preparing Pax2 for its use
Preparing Pax2 for its use

Its operation is as simple as effective, mainly thanks to the fact that all functions of the device are selected with a single button. It's located near the mouthpiece, and just a single press is enough to turn on the vaporizer, which will warm up and be ready in less than one minute (using cannabis resin concentrates is not recommended). The LED light changes from purple to green colour as soon as the device has reached the set temperature.

If you want to change the vaping temperature, press and hold the button for a few seconds until the LED turns from green - or purple - to orange colour; one slit of the cross lit for position 1, two slits for position 2...and up to position 4, which is the maximum temperature. Press and hold again the button to exit the temperature selection menu.

Once warmed, we just have to inhale through the mouthpiece of your choice and enjoy the flavourful steam.

Clean the mouthpiece, the bowl and the grids with isopropyl alcohol using the included container and cleaners.

Vaped herbs Pax2
Vaped herbs Pax2

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