Hy-Pro is a renowned Dutch company in the cannabis sector, specializing in the development of nutrients for plants for over 20 years.

Their range of fertilisers and additives is easy to use and very efficient, ideal both for beginner and expert growers.

Hy-Pro's range of nutrients include:

  • Hy-Pro Root Stimulator, to be used during the growth cycle
  • A complete fertilizer for soil (Terra). Only one bottle for growth and bloom
  • A complete fertilizer for hydroponics (Hydro A + B).
  • Organic growth stimulator (Spray Mix), used by foliar application.

The range of Hy-Pro nutrients has been awarded in several cannabis events like Amsterdam's Highlife Cup.


Hy-Pro Spray Mix

HY-PRO Spraymix 250ml is a mixture between a foliar fertiliser, and great growth stimulator which helps keep marijuana plants with a vigor and perfect health, for a correct growing of the same. We recommend using all the mixture once made, to avoid c [...]

  • 16.50€ 14.00€

Hy-Pro Terra 1L

Complete fertiliser for crops in soil. Simplicity and effectivity makes of this fertiliser for soil, one of the most demanded on the market. We can use the same fertiliser for nourish the plants correctly both in growth and flowering period getting [...]

  • (Out of stock)9.50€ 8.55€

HY-PRO Root Stimulator 250ml

We know the importance of the root system for a correct growth and development of marijuana plants. HY-PRO Root Stimulator 250ml is formulated with the best raw materials, providing an explosive growth of the root system. Composition of Hy-Pro Root [...]

  • (Out of stock)12.50€ 11.25€

HY-PRO Hydro A+B 1L

Without a doubt, part of the success of HY-PRO is based on its quality and ease of use. The HY-PRO Hydro A + B 1L combines majestically all components for best assimilation by the marijuana plants grown in hydroponic systems. We emphasize that even [...]

  • (Out of stock)12.58€ 10.06€

Sale of Hy-Pro Growing Pack for Soil

HY-PRO presents a Growing Pack for Soil with everything you need to carry out a crop of marijuana plants in soil by the easiest way and the best results possible. HY-PRO, is known worldwide for the quality, ease and simplicity of their products. Co [...]

  • 50.00€ 35.00€

HY-PRO Pack Cultivo Hydro

HY-PRO Hydro presents a Growing Pack for Hydro with everything you need to for growing marijuana plants in hydroponic crops, by the most simple way and with the best results possible. HY-PRO, is known worldwide for the quality, ease and simplicity o [...]

  • 50.00€ 45.00€

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