Hy-Pro is a renowned Dutch company in the cannabis sector, specializing in the development of nutrients for plants for over 20 years.

Their range of fertilisers and additives is easy to use and very efficient, ideal both for beginner and expert growers.

Hy-Pro's range of nutrients include:

  • Hy-Pro Root Stimulator, to be used during the growth cycle
  • A complete fertilizer for soil (Terra). Only one bottle for growth and bloom
  • A complete fertilizer for hydroponics (Hydro A + B).
  • Organic growth stimulator (Spray Mix), used by foliar application.

The range of Hy-Pro nutrients has been awarded in several cannabis events like Amsterdam's Highlife Cup.

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HY-PRO Hydro A+B 1L

Without a doubt, part of the success of HY-PRO is based on its quality and ease of use. The HY-PRO Hydro A + B 1L combines majesticall [...]

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Sale of Hy-Pro Growing Pack for Soil

HY-PRO presents a Growing Pack for Soil with everything you need to carry out a crop of marijuana plants in soil by the easiest [...]

  • (Out of stock) 50.00€ 35.00€
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(+34) 972 527 248
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