SWA Supersoil

SWA Supersoil

SWA or Soil With Attitude is a company founded in 2019 from a collective of weed connoisseurs and highly experienced growers and is one of the first companies in Europe to produce a high quality Super Soil amendments, the result of years of hard work, through trial and error that have resulted in many prizes and awards in cannabis competitions.

Combining decades of experience in the worlds of horticulture and cannabis, SWA has developed these 100% organic, environmentally friendly fertilisers. With SWA, all you need to do is irrigate with water to enjoy a simple, great-tasting harvest and work like a professional grower.

The SWA Super Soil Recipe

The SWA recipe means that by simply using water throughout the crop, the plants are well-nourished and have no nutrient deficiencies or excesses. The entire product line is made up of ingredients extracted directly from the earth. Volcanic rocks, seaweed, organic fertilisers, cereals and sediments are the natural components that make up the different Soil Whith Attitude products.

Soil With Attitude or SWA Products

First Steps: designed to start growing young plants from seed and clone that require different levels of nutrients than those of adult plants, to prevent them from burning. Ideal for the early growth stage before transplanting to the final pot using Super Soil Indoor or Super Soil Outdoor.

Fat Buds Juice: created to provide plants with a powerful extra dose of microbial life and extra P & K so that the plants finish with large, exuberant flowers, with a loads of resin and an excellent terpene profile. Can be used in conjunction with Outdoor Mix and Indoor Mix as a compost tea.

Mother's Care: Designed for the care of mother plants. Just by mixing Mother's Care together with your preferred light substrate, the nutritional needs of mother plants are completely covered for a few months. In case of long-term maintenance, it is recommended to use Top Dress on a monthly basis as well.

Super Soil Indoor: Formulated to provide the plants with all the nutrients in a solid format at the beginning of the crop, mixing it with the light substrate of your choice so that only water has to be added during the entire cultivation. Can be used in conjunction with Fat Buds Juice for an even more lush bloom.

Super Soil Outdoor: Designed for growing outdoors from the beginning of cultivation with a long growth period and to have excellent flowering with large buds, high resin production and great organoleptic qualities. Can be used in conjunction with Fat Buds Juice for maximum grow performance.

Top Dress: It is the ideal complement for the maintenance of mother plants and to be used together with Mother's Care. Apply monthly on mother plants as a top dress and work into the soil surface.

Benefits of SWA for the environment

There are many problems derived from the continued and widespread use of nitrates in agricultural and horticultural fertilisers, which, among other things, has caused the microbial life of the land to be greatly reduced, in addition to acidifying the soil and contaminating aquifers. SWA have contributed their grain of sand to reverse this situation and they hope that many growers will join this simple but important cause.

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Supersoil Outdoor Mix - SWA

Super Soil Outdoor Mix by SWA Super Soil, a product developed and designed for outdoor cultivation and long vegetative periods. The plants are wel [...]

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First Steps - SWA

First Steps is a soil amendment from Soil With Attitude formulated for the first stages of a cannabis plants' life. The ingredien [...]

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