Piatella hashish, what it is and how to make it

After the appearance of Rosin Hash a few years ago, the world of solventless resin extractions had been without significant news for some time until the appearance of a new type of hashish that is causing a sensation among lovers of cannabis concentrates. We are talking about Piatella or Piattella hashish, a new way of enjoying the virtues of this substance that represents an advance in terms of preserving the aroma, flavor, and effect of the resin produced by our beloved plants.

Today we want to talk to you in more depth about this type of hashish, or rather, about this resin curing technique that allows you to obtain a top-notch quality hashish with a spectacular flavor and aroma and, of course, with such a powerful effect, which can put occasional consumers or those with little experience in the world of extractions in trouble. Discover what the best Piatella hashish is and how it is made with us!

Piatella hashish is of high quality and retains the organoleptic properties of the resin intact
Piatella hashish is of high quality and retains the organoleptic properties of the resin intact

Piatella hashish, crafts "made in Barcelona"

That Barcelona has become one of the global cannabis hubs in recent years is no secret. With the appearance of smoking clubs and associations, what was already a city with a notable cannabis tradition quickly became a true cannabis capital at the European level and, why not say it, also at the world level given the enormous tourism rate that this city enjoys.

Well, it was precisely in Barcelona where this technique that we are going to talk to you about today originated. Indeed, Zio from Uncle's Farm Cannabis Social Club began experimenting with the cold drying and curing technique that some producers of bubble hash or water-based hashish used to preserve the organoleptic qualities of their resins as much as possible. After testing different temperatures and exposure times, and starting from the best hashish produced by people with as much prestige as La Sagrada Farms or Slite23, Zio found the ideal combination to produce his famous Piatella hashish, a true wonder that captivates everyone who is lucky enough to try it (posts about it have been seen on social networks since approximately 2018).

Before continuing, let us clarify that the name "Piatella" or "Piattella" comes from the Italian "piatto", which means "flat", while the suffix "-ella" gives it a meaning similar to "small brick" or "small flat piece", in a clear reference to the format in which this type of hashish is usually seen. But let's now see where this technique comes from and how to carry it out.

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Avoiding oxidation is the key to producing the best hashish

Normally, and in the beginnings of the technique, when making water hashish or bubble hash, the resin was chopped into small pieces to facilitate the drying process of the trichomes and avoid the possible appearance of molds; This chopped resin was left to air dry for a few days, avoiding exposure to light at best. After a few years, and with the appearance of the "fresh frozen" method, the plants began to be processed with just a few days of drying or even directly after harvest, to avoid oxidation of the trichomes and facilitate its separation from the plant matter without it contaminating the concentrate; The result, a hashish of a much higher quality in terms of organoleptic qualities and effect, although much more difficult to handle given its stickiness.

It was then that the first tests began to be carried out, drying the resin with cold, a very low degree of humidity, and in complete darkness, which produced resins with a much lighter color due to little oxidation. Soon, freeze-drying machines became the best way to dry wet resin, obtaining pieces with hardly any oxidation, a very light color, and a simply spectacular content of cannabinoids and terpenes; It is at this moment when the technique for making Piatella begins to develop.

Yes, Piatella hashish is very reminiscent of Jijona nougat, although only in its appearance!
Yes, Piatella hashish is very reminiscent of Jijona nougat, although only in its appearance!

How to make Piatella hashish step-by-step

As we always say, the first thing you should do to get concentrates with this level of quality is to start from plants that produce resin of this type. It won't help you to try depending on which plants since only those that produce the best quality resin will allow you to get 6-star extracts and concentrates, as they say. Once you have your freshly cut and frozen flowers, it is time to make the best water hash you can make.

Once you have your resin wet, dry it in a freeze-dryer or in conditions of low temperature, low humidity, and total darkness. Depending on the drying method, it can take anywhere from a few hours to several days. Be that as it may, your "obsession" should be that the resin has the minimum possible exposure to factors such as light, heat, or air, which would help produce greater oxidation.

The next step will be to deposit your resin somewhere with minimal exposure to air, such as inside a vacuum container, tightly wrapped in cellophane paper, or directly vacuum sealed. Now the last phase of the process begins, cold curing; Leave the sealed resin in a dark place with a constant temperature of between 4º and 10º Celsius, always avoiding sudden changes or fluctuations in temperature. After about 4-6 weeks, your resin should look very similar to what you see in the images.

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How to consume Piatella hashish

Although you can try to roll a traditional joint with Piatella, depending on the degree of stickiness of the extract it can be really difficult, an adventure that most of us have been through. Given its texture, the most normal thing is to dab this type of hashish in the same way as it is done with many other high-quality resin concentrates such as Rosin Hash, BHO, or even traditional hashish as long as it is of high purity.

Of course, you can also use vaporizers for extractions and concentrates and enjoy the full load of terpenes from your Piatella. Whatever the case, we are sure that it will be an experience that you will not forget!

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